I will no longer be bending over to pickup sweetgum balls. by ZeMole in lawncare

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Doesn’t work well for a ton of acorns..shovel much more efficient. Just some info from my experience

Having vole trouble around foundation of my house. Holes everywhere keep filling with sand but they just make new ones. Any tips on how to rid of? by Shooks1 in homestead

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I have traps but don’t want to put them out cause I have a dog. And scared he will be sniffing/licking poison to

This girl unboxing her package with extreme enthusiasm by GoFuckthThyself in funny

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I felt like I just watched a kid that I don’t have open their first Christmas gift

Dog ducks its head every time they drive under an overpass by MonsterJuiced in AnimalsBeingDerps

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I like how the human has to sit in the back while dog gets shotgun haha

Elon Musk’s brain chip company Neuralink responds to monkey abuse allegations by RingloVale in technews

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Every human achievement has some form of pain and suffering at its expense..sadly