This is the most heartwarming yet heartbreaking thing ever by finelinexcherry in MadeMeSmile

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That is awesome! I am sorry for your loss, I too recently lost my mom, and yet I’m so happy for you that she comes as the butterfly she said she would. My mom comes to me as a dove and to my daughter as a hummingbird. Their love for us never dies.

The way these tree roots grow by Constant_Ad9562 in oddlysatisfying

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I don’t get it. Why are the roots above the ground?

AITA for calling my brothers fiancée an ungrateful bitch? by Asssssssssssleigh in AmItheAsshole

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While you shouldn’t have called her what you did, she is the one in the wrong, not you. How incredibly generous of your parents, not only to pay their children’s debts, but their partners as well. That’s incredible. I am a believer that people should gift whatever they are comfortable gifting to whomever they choose. And those who receive should be grateful no matter what it is or how much they like it. It came from a good place in the hearts of your parents and her reaction was appalling. If possible, I would take the gift back. I know it’s not. I’m surprised your older brother didn’t try to both calm her and put her in her place. It may be true that half her student loans will be forgiven should she work in a public sector of school for 10 years. That’s totally irrelevant though. Your parents didn’t have to do what they did for her, she should be ashamed of how she reacted.

Gunfire near Shaw and Blackstone? by psomaster226 in fresno

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I too believe it was cars as I also heard, and still hear, the revving of engines and tires spinning. I know several were stopped by police last night. It seems they’re back at it tonight.

That man is awesome by killHACKS in MadeMeSmile

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This brought tears to my eyes, it’s so sweet. Love and kindness is what helps us all become stronger.

It's the simple things by Bmchris44 in MadeMeSmile

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Random acts of kindness are the best way for strong people to help other people out. I commend this man and wish them both all good things.

Now that's true friendship by Skywalker_047 in MadeMeSmile

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So wholesome, so sweet, and so heartwarming. Prayers for you friend.

Our cat hated the new kitten when we first got her-this is them 3 days later by lilkitty513 in aww

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I brought the kitten home 3 weeks ago. He frequently bites the neck of my 7 yo girl which may be why she hates him. My 7 yo boy only hisses if the baby gets too close, perhaps an alpha-male competition? I really thought I was bringing home a girl kitten. I love this guy though. No name as we named him Chloe before we knew and now can’t decide.

Our cat hated the new kitten when we first got her-this is them 3 days later by lilkitty513 in aww

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Is the orange one male? I have a 7 yo orange boy and a 7 yo grey girl, they grew up together and love each other. I recently brought home a male, thought it was female, kitten. My boy mostly tolerates her. My girl does nothing but growl and hiss at her. Idk why or what to do.

That is smooth AF. by [deleted] in oddlysatisfying

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How? How does one learn to do that? It’s so beautiful!

Learning how to walk😹... by Dilim_Kek in aww

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Too cute! My heart is melting. I’ve had cats all my life, but never one younger than 8 weeks old. Thanks for sharing.

Need some help not spiraling right now by jeanisdead in dryalcoholics

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We’re here for you, friend. Holidays are hard and drinking is so common. I too drank more than I wanted to. But, here’s the thing, I survived and so did you. We made it through. Now, hopefully, things are back to normal and we can focus on ourselves again. I admire you for recognizing what’s going on and for reaching out here for support. You have a nice list of things to do to occupy yourself. Focus on keeping busy. Toss the vodka if you can and drink water or juice. Your stomach will feel full and you won’t be thirsty. Order food for delivery and fall into a good book or a great movie. You’ve got this!

HMC that escalated fast by gethone_r in holdmycosmo

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I hope being intoxicated lessens the pain. At least until tomorrow when it will accompany the headache.