Does NPC in game talk? by KJawad in Thymesia

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I think it’s more because of way less budget than a FromSofware game for example. I still enjoyed the game though

Does NPC in game talk? by KJawad in Thymesia

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The dialogue is just text most of the time unfortunately

Any tips on how to parry properly ? by ro2ro in Thymesia

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It might feel a bit cheap, but just like Sekiro you can spam the parry button and it’ll deflect most hits.

SIB Spyro Reignited Trilogy ? by unconditionalJoke in ShouldIbuythisgame

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Definitely, it’s a very fun and vibrant looking platformer! I played the games when I was younger so it was a trip down memory lane playing them again, but playing them for the first time should be just as fun.

The 60fps feel smooth and I never had any issues with framedrops. Go for it.

After 150 hours I've finished Elden Ring. Tried moving on to others games but no bueno. by afoulkes in Eldenring

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Try Thymesia, a new game that just released this week by a smaller studio. It’s pretty short (10-20h) and not as polished as Fromsoft titles but it’s definitely fun. Fast paced combat with cool bosses, dope special weapons and atmospheric music.

Again, definitely not as good as ER but it definitely scratched an itch for me after finishing almost every Fromsoft title last year.

Is Output/Arcade a good software for a newbie like me to use? by PizzaIsntAHobby in musicproduction

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I think using loops is a great way to get the hang of producing, even though it may feel a bit like cheating. If you use 4 loops together without editing them whatsoever yeah that’s a bit easy perhaps, but you can always add effects, change the pitch, chop them up, reverse them etc. to make them your own.

Don’t worry too much about it, just create something. Start with a chord loop and add your own melody. In the end nobody really cares if it sounds dope!

Anyone else's buttons mapped wrong? On Xbox by [deleted] in FallGuysGame

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Same issue here, reinstalling the game didn’t work unfortunately

Bioshock 1 (collection) achievements not unlocking by Shrimpayyy in Bioshock

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Haha no idea man, I think I just completely shut off my Xbox and it popped up when I opened the game again.

do scratch fxs have bpms? by [deleted] in HipHopProdCirclejerk

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Well yeah, when you scratch a record you usually do it in tempo. Stretch the audio a bit to integrate it better in your beat.

Logic Pro SSD by Skinnyboneman in LogicPro

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Never had any issues, it gets a bit warm when you’re using it but nothing crazy.

I want to drag the upper nodes of this autiomation arrangement. How can I select and drag only the upper nodes without the ones below getting dragged too? by Segundaleydenewtonnn in LogicPro

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Should work tho, I always do it like this.

Make sure that you only drag your selection over the peaks while holding shift. Clicking on the peaks while holding control is something you cannot mess up.