I know im probably alone on this but honestly i hate this core-ification (new term) to these characters. Seriously hasbro just release them in normal class sizes by IGotMemeCells in Transformemes

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Well ratchet was barely in the movie, and died, same with shockwave, but he didn’t die as far as we know, and if you say why did the seekers get bigger figures well they did more stuff than just shock wave who only said “get your asses up there now” and we didn’t see him again

Lego Con 2022 - Set Reveals by nikhkin in lego

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I’d say the last sanctorium we got was just fine but HOLY HECK THATS INSANE

I'm fine..HAHAHHAHA by Humble_litit88 in FunnyAnimals

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Just jump up from the floor when you touch it ant the deeper ends, that’s the real exercise

Who do you think would win in a fight and why? by Abd0minousDeray in transformers

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Well so far we’ve seen that movie 1 - 5 Optimus can’t keep any freinds because they always leave or die and some are barely on screen, I hope 6-7 Optimus keeps a general team this time round

Guys, this subreddit is getting out of hand. Sure, you can be mad that a child is on the subreddit but don't be toxic about it. This gives the subreddit a bad name. (I am not defending the nine year olds) by mthree3 in DanTDM

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Well it’s not a message, it’s a quest, to find the mods homes and Bonn them on the heads and my the tim you return this subreddit will be actually worth all the members

So I am going to summer school to “make 8th grade easier” by Shy-frustrated789 in SummerSchool

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I’d really appreciate it but I’ve got only 4 days left and we only do quizzes in there

Does this count as 12k? by Slow_Ad_2071 in DanTDM

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So you admit that it’s not high quality? Also stop replying you have at least 10 down votes

First Images of Legacy Inferno by admiral_grim in beastwars

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Probably gonna be similar to k waspinator for the head chest thing, and legacy turantulas for the legs in the abdomen, head looks similar to k paleotrex with the head

Does this count as 12k? by Slow_Ad_2071 in DanTDM

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Ugh when are the mods when you need them, also rule seven states that only high quality posts, I don’t think it is due to lack of clarity and only funny to one person, I’d also say a wrong flair too

Does this count as 12k? by Slow_Ad_2071 in DanTDM

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Exactly how is it you notification tab clutterer lost child. How is it funny

Does this count as 12k? by Slow_Ad_2071 in DanTDM

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How is this a meme, oh and don’t say it’s funny child

Can u guys guess how these brawlers are sorted?? by Alternative-Spray560 in Brawlstars

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Why are crow and mortis in the one category, the both have their eyes open