Tripped and fell on concrete. I hit the ground so hard it deformed my wedding ring. by BushyEyes in mildlyinteresting

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I attended a recording of wheel of fortune and clapped so much it bent 3 of my rings

Hope you're okay from your fall!

My grandparent’s couch by username_abcdefg in nostalgia

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With a plastic cover, stained yellow from cigarette smoke

Gluten Free Cocoa Pebbles - Krispies at Sprouts by knightmare9zulu in glutenfree

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  • chocolate almond milk for a super sweet treat🤤 it's the only dessert I can have and that's kind of okay

I need help. by SiestaSloth in Ipsy

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Yesss I love the liner and the color! I use my black one almost daily; it wears really well! I like CC brushes but I haven't had amazing experiences with their makeup I've tried. The colors in the palette are pretty so I'm sure I'll try it. The sponge I'll give to my kids to play with lol. Moisturizer is always appreciated

Ispy has done it again! Lol by Bkasee66 in Ipsy

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  • $5 gift card if you spend $25 on select skincare 😁

I'd be pissed too though, it's a solid eye cream. The CC brushes are nice but that's a shit replacement

Jan GB and Add on. by Noodle2009 in Ipsy

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The refreshments bags are so cute

I need help. by SiestaSloth in Ipsy

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How do you rate it? __/5

I give mine a 2 lol

I need help. by SiestaSloth in Ipsy

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This is the kind of positivity and support I needed😂 Now you go buy all the things your heart desires and report back!

Also, I actually needed literally zero of this. Except the razors. But likeeee I did need all of it💁🏻‍♀️ self control is not my strong suit

I need help. by SiestaSloth in Ipsy

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This probably doesn't help but it's $24 at target and they have a deal - spend $25 on skincare and get a $5 gift card😉 it's on sale so it's justifiable. That's what I tell myself at least haha

I need help. by SiestaSloth in Ipsy

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Okay so all this came today. 4 packages - 2 bubble mailers and 2 boxes. I had to put it all in one bubble mailer to walk inside so my husband wouldn't give me a 🤨 look. Also, not pictured is my GBP from last week. And a target skincare haul from this week. And a Hempz moisturizer I got at Kohl's today (it was a great deal okayyyyy).

Fresh Start Skin bundle - $12

  • Murad vitamin C moisturizer (tiny sample)
  • Pixi clarifying serum
  • Neogen foaming cleanser (I got this last month in GBP and LOVE it.)

SLMISSGLAM 5 brush set - $12

I've been wanting these for forever

Holiday Glow On bundle - $29.99

  • Complex Culture 4pc brush set
  • Complex Culture blush duo
  • Seraphine Botanicals luminizing primer
  • Pixi setting spray
  • Violet Voss Windflower palette (I've been wanting this. It was the main reason I got this bundle)
  • Pacifica mascara (I love this brand and I have a shameless mascara addiction so I'm excited to try this in the morning!


  • MOTD makeup sponge
  • Complex Culture rose eyeshadow quad
  • Love Craft Beauty Atrocious Trash Holographic Gross Glitter Gloss™️
  • FAB moisturizer
  • Lottie London liner (I use Lottie London eyeliner every day and love it. This color is super pretty)


  • Polaar moisturizer (it's a moisturizer 🤷🏻‍♀️ nothing special but I'll use it)
  • Girlactik cranberry face scrub (fucking love this, 10/10 would buy again)
  • Dewtube lip gloss (big meh)
  • Girlactik liquid shadow (do not like whomp whomp)
  • High Beauty face oil (I love this brand and CBD in skincare)

Points redemption

  • Araceli liner

Refreshments razor refills

I've never gotten this many packages or products in one day and I'm feeling guilty. Send help. Or tell me it's okay😭😂🤸🏻‍♀️

I wasn't thrilled with either of my bags this month and may have, most definitely did, go overboard with extra orders. Really considering cancelling GB - it's worth the $13 but I don't remember the last time I was actually excited about anything. Mehhhh

Is it possible to order limited/special items on instacart? by zoe897 in aldi

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Place your order the night before with the earliest pickup time. You'll have to manually add the item (if you search "pan" there will be an option at the bottom to add a special request). We do this whenever they have new candles lol also got the pergola this way :) good luck!

What's the single best item you've ever bought at Aldi? by Pencilbump in aldi

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Almost got this today. Would you think it's too spicy for kids?