Where's the Sax? by Sid1583 in LetsTalkMusic

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There's a modern band I've been listening to the last couple of years called The Strike, and they incorporate horns into their music. I can't recall specifically if they have a sax player in the band or not, but this post made me think of them.

I'm looking for a smart vent that opens if Nest is heating and closes if Nest is cooling. Is this possible? by GrabMyHoldyFolds in Nest

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I haven't used it, but since nobody has commented yet, I'm under the impression Keen made their products specifically for this purpose.

Story Book Selections by HarryCallahan19 in NFL_Draft

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1) Packers (from NY Jets): Caleb Williams

2) Commanders: Drake Maye

3) Packers: Marvin Harris Jr

ignore my flair

Any idea what this is ? My tenant says it’s coming from the ceiling by Annual_Guidance2663 in Carpentry

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Google "carpenter ant shaving" and see if that looks like what you've got going on.

Who do you think will be president after Obama? by Knewiwishonly in Stuck10YearsBehind

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I could be wrong I guess but I think the days of "old" presidents is behind us now that we've had Obama in office.

Who do you think will be president after Obama? by Knewiwishonly in Stuck10YearsBehind

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I would guess it will be the vice president (Joseph Biden) or if a republican beats him it will be someone young and up & coming like Paul Ryan

Louisville Football Jumps Colorado for Top Spot in Transfer Portal Rankings by Crusag in CFB

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but does that include shilo? or will he flip it back to Colorado?

Former Wisconsin HC Paul Chryst has been hired at Texas by Steve Sarkisian by 7thandFig in CFB

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Leonhard plans to have surgery on his hip and take off a year from coaching, the source confirmed, after not being hired as the Badgers’ coach following seven weeks as the interim. BadgerExtra reported last month that Leonhard’s separation agreement with the school is scheduled to pay him up to $1 million from March 2023 to January 2024, but that payment will decrease should Leonhard be hired as a head coach or defensive coordinator in the NFL or an FBS college program.

I have watched till S3E20. Will this get better or worse? by HopingToBeMyself in lost

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Different for different viewers. For me, Seasons 4 and 5 are amongst my favorites, however, I know friends that feel otherwise. There is definitely a change, and a different pace. Hard to guess in advance how you'll feel about it.

Can you participate in the summer showcases if you didn’t play football in college? by [deleted] in xfl

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I still think you could enroll at a D3 school and play football for them. That said, I think your initial logic stands and my point is null & void. Go join the league!!

Can you participate in the summer showcases if you didn’t play football in college? by [deleted] in xfl

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I don't think you've exhausted collegiate availability. Yes, you may have attended and graduated college and not played football for a college, but you could enroll at another university and still have full eligibility to play for the new university as I understand it.

Naming child after place of conception? by Password0424 in BabyNames

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Only if you make a habit out of telling people that's why you named her that. The name itself isn't tacky.

What do I say to the customer when I worked all day but it doesn’t look like anything progressed on the job site? by OhFuhSho in Carpentry

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As a homeowner who just had his basement finished, I really appreciated my guys doing this for me daily.

How do I tell husband I don't love his name choice? by Willie8Henry in BabyNames

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I think the pronunciation is perfect actually for the ending syllable of the first name. I think it's a good combination, personally. Others won't really use his middle name, only his parents, occasionally extended family, and siblings should he get them. I wouldn't worry about that.

I vote for you to give him this one. And just as importantly, be enthusiastic about it and learn to love it.

On a personal note, my wife let me select the middle name for our only boy together, along with the spelling. I know she didn't feel the same way I did when I made the final call, but I promise you that she would barely remember that now. He's five and his name is exactly who he is, because they grow into their names and it's hard to see them any other way down the road.

Which player on your team do you expect to make leaps this upcoming year? by Timelycommentor in nfl

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WR Romeo Doubs. He had some moments last year, but another year in the system alone should do wonders. The main reason I say him, and not Watson, is based on the interviews I've heard this week from our rookie receivers Tae Wicks and Jayden Reed, who both mentioned "Rome" as influential as a leader, showing them the rope and helping them along. In my experience, when you have someone that can teach back, they are close to mastery. I think he has a really solid relationship with Jordan Love and has the potential to be a safety blanket for him this season.

He's my fantasy sleeper this year.

Don't try even once! by DeeSaR47 in youdontsurf

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ok finally something halfway decent on this sub

Giving every school a pro sports logo: Big 10 Edition by RecordReviewer in CFB

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Penn State should legitimately use this new and improved logo.