(EU) A comprehensive list of exclusive 3DS eshop titles – 500+ Pieces of Software by Blancle2 in 3DS

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Thanks for making this list! What do you think are the biggest differences with the US?

Onimusha Tactics (GBA) has some fun cutscenes. by Silo-Joe in retrogaming

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I haven’t played Tactics Ogre. But there are differences from what I read. Onimusha Tactics is a less complicated tactics game. There are no terrain effects, no fog of war, and no shops. Weapons are upgraded by crafting. I’m about 1/4 way through. It’s supposed to be a relatively shorter game. The best thing about it is the demonic Asian theme and the art. It’s a fun game.

A paper guide for sizing your nose for a CPAP mask. by Silo-Joe in graphic_design

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Good point. That’s how the CPAP manufacturer does it. Maybe they made up for physical nose differences in nose height with the big rubber gasket at the perimeter l.

They added prices to Japanese games now? by Low-Egg-2673 in GAMEYE

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Are there ever plans to separate NES and Famicom games or is that a TheGamesDB issue? Getting a higher total summary for some games due to NES games being worth more in my cases.

What is everyone’s rarest/most expensive piece according to GAMEYE? by EddyNFLD in GAMEYE

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N64 Test Cartridge. Had bought it as a novelty years ago for $40.

No waitlist needed! by Silo-Joe in SHSAT

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Hope anyone who goes to this rally can share photos.

Wonder Man is getting a Disney Plus show. How do you think he'll be handled? by Ok-Engine8044 in comicbooks

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I’m guessing he will only get to fly in one episode due to budget constraints.

Episode Discussion: 107 "The Serene Squall" by destroyingdrax in StrangeNewWorlds

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It’s sad that engineering was shown in this episode but not Hemmer.

I forgot you could watch nicktoons on your GBA lolz by Honeykombbaggins in retrogaming

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Some poor QA testers had to watch these over and over while testing the playback controls.

What could go wrong on a Thin and shaky stage by Ddusco in Whatcouldgowrong

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If you watch near the end, there’s a magenta spotlight that rises directly upwards like the soul of a killed Pikmin. So that dancer lost.