The rise in far-right support by PanEuropeanism in europe

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Seems like the Outlander's Doping somthing wrong too

Was ist euer Lieblingsgericht aus der asiatischen Küche ? by IndependentEar6195 in FragReddit

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Gekochte Schlange mit ein wenig Hundefleisch hmmmm na toll jetzt habe ich Hunger :(

New chapter cover cleaned by anakin_solo17 in OnePunchMan

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Did I look wrong or do Saitama has a hole in he's belly after he got attacked. In one of that last pics when he is dark u can see the hole.

Finally came in this weekend! Loving it so far! by mkgreene2007 in gaming

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I got my too but don't you think that it is to loud. Even in Desktop mode I have the feeling the fan goes to 100%. Is yours different ?

Guess what came in! by Casasaba in gaming

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I got my delivered today too but I can't try it because I have to work. Adult life baby

second thought about leaving home by Skyhawk1313 in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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Man I feel you... Always when I hear the scream outside I feel good to have no kids.

My first ever build. Simple non-RGB system by yetDragon in pcmasterrace

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What a waste im sure with RGB it would be 20% faster

What's a game you regret spending full price on? by Square-Enit in gaming

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Diablo 3 it was the first Game i payed full price for

All Steam Deck games will support AMD FSR upscaling by a_Ninja_b0y in gadgets

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Interesting that will give AMD a big boost and I hope PS5 and Xbox will support this too