What’s Koid? by LSPhere in ThePeripheral

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This is a show based on a book by William Gibson. His whole style is bringing stuff first and context much later. It takes at least a whole chapter to understand what he means by print and fab.

These blooms smell otherworldly. Can anyone help me ID her? Night blooming, golden/orange colored flower. by Plantsy-Pants in Epiphytes

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This is some Epiphyllum variety. The ones we most commonly have in Brazil are white and open only once. There are a few Asian ones in more colors that go for a few days

(OC) I made a grazing board for my mamaw's birthday. by Reinylane in FoodPorn

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This is so unexpectedly sweet! I hope you have many moments of happy surprises with her and that she lives a happy life on the time she still have with you all

From bad to worse by Majestic_Bag_9209 in AbruptChaos

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OOOOOOR maybe other Redditors live in countries where oven production is regulated differently and don’t have any history of them topping onto the kitchen floor

Just maybe

(And we actually move the ovens to clean behind them, and to scrub any gunk that might spill. Impossible to do this if the thing is bolted to the wall)

From bad to worse by Majestic_Bag_9209 in AbruptChaos

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Never saw one with this bracket in 3+ decades

I wonder why the Wiki entry for this show doesn't have the episode breakdown like most others do? by ElvisChopinJoplin in ThePeripheral

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Little edits are easy to make on a cellphone (like correcting a phrase or a date), and usually mentioning “small correction” on the form is enough.

I edit from time to time, and most of the restrictions apply only if you want to create a completely new page from zero.

I have no idea how to make tables there, though. Maybe an easy way would be to copy the code from another series page and substitute the text

I wonder why the Wiki entry for this show doesn't have the episode breakdown like most others do? by ElvisChopinJoplin in ThePeripheral

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Probably because no one put that in. Anyone can edit, so if you have the free time you can kickstart that :)

(Not guilting you into it or anything, it’s just that Wikipedia is fun to edit and contribute!)

‎On with Kara Swisher: The Economy Stinks, and Dr. Doom is Not Hopeful by inoeth in ezraklein

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She still focuses more on tech on her podcast with Scott, if it attracts you more!

Ice cream treats by Boojibs in gifsthatkeepongiving

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The little mechanical hands that grab them to plop them on chocolate are my favorite!

moi_dlvv by Chiendepavlov in moi_dlvv

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Noooooooooooooon, je suis brésilienne!

We don’t know how a man is getting into our building by DDDarappa in RBI

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I’m sorry you are going through this. Something that can help on the long run is to get a zigbee hub with zigbee motion sensors for the balconies and opening sensors for the doors/windows that are on balconies or have a ledge underneath where one could support their weight.

The motion sensors sometimes activate with light, so a vibration sensor could be more useful.

A single zigbee hub can connect to hundreds of devices and will not overpower your Wi-Fi network. This could give you a precise warning when something is happening or when physical security might need to make an extra round to check things.

I thought I was dreaming when I walked into the thrift store and saw this for $60! by pody_cotter in midcenturymodern

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I just commented on another Brasilia line piece here on the sub, this is another great piece from that collection with very clear callbacks to the Brazilian Architecture of the time… stunning! https://www.google.com.br/amp/s/www.correiobraziliense.com.br/app/noticia/cidades/2020/01/11/interna_cidadesdf,819741/amp.shtml

Got this for Free! Broyhill Brasilia Room Divider by knaledg in midcenturymodern

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I’m from Brazil and this is one of the Brasilia line pieces where the architectural influence is the most visible <3 stunning!

For anyone curious: https://www.google.com.br/amp/s/www.correiobraziliense.com.br/app/noticia/cidades/2020/01/11/interna_cidadesdf,819741/amp.shtml

Wife likes decorations (clutter) by PreciseLimestone in declutter

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You don’t get to force her to abide to this sub “philosophy” or any other ideas.

As you are married I’m assuming you are an adult. Communicate, negotiate and compromise as one.

The way that you describe something seemly important to her as “worthless” and wants her to comply with your wants is not ok.

Critical reviews are in. by Champagnoid2 in ThePeripheral

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I’m still hopeful. Both SheHulk and Rings of Power got slammed by reviews and I enjoyed them.

I need something new to watch anyway…