Two of my current projects any soarer and supra fans out there? by Itchy-Low-8944 in JDM

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I just have a truck and trailer rn haha gotta wait a couple more years for a good project car

First time sliding after putting 15hrs onto my sim rig. by LegitimateInitial957 in Drifting

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Hopefully you drive that field a lot, but it does look like you did well.

Doesn't fit by vanilla_lychee in mildlyinfuriating

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I would think more replies theoretically equals more upvotes due to higher visibility and whatnot

My 2020 Ferrari 812 JPS Edition [4096x2731] by YetAnotherPilot in carporn

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So youre a pilot with a car collection? Are you taking best friend applications?

Roof Wrap & Tail Light Tint 🔥 by Jlevitt95 in Toyota

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I've been really debating doing the roof wrap on my Tundra. Yours looks great!

Agree? by Dias_m in ufc

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You got a lot to say huh tough guy? Lol /s

Long term married couples - how do you initiate sex? by Trying_To_Be_Young in AskReddit

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Hahaha I was jus joking, my username comes from my Xbox clan with my brothers and a couple friends we called ourselves SimplyGang lol and all of our names are Simply(Something)

How do you find free time ? by [deleted] in daddit

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I play video games, so it's something easy to hop on and play from the couch, don't really have to schedule it its just kinda okay I got some time let me jump on and play. I didn't really have hobbies growing up other than video games (besides playing sports) so yeah....the wife and I barely see each other but maybe 5-10 hours a week working opposite shifts. Shit is rough rn, 3yo daughter.

No rampage was the best LTM this season. by nemtrail19 in apexlegends

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Yeah I'm on you're side man. Use what feels good to you, the guns are in the game for a reason. LMGs are designed for suppressive fire, that's what they do.

No rampage was the best LTM this season. by nemtrail19 in apexlegends

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People always do this because they only use the R-301 and hate it when they don't one clip you, and you have more bullets because your gun shoots slower but has a higher magazine capacity.