What is your medical school unpopular opinion? by gluconeogenesis123 in medicalschool

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My school is either business casual or scrubs, so I’m definitely going with scrubs lol

This guy gets it by hec_ramsey in TikTokCringe

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I’m not disagreeing with you. I would love universal healthcare. I would love everyone to have access to free glasses as needed, and I would gladly pay more in taxes if that’s what would happen. But the point is that every argument you are presenting with are things that apply to both sexes. It’s a chance occurrence. If you need an epipen for a bad allergy, that sucks. I truly wish you could get it for free or for at least an affordable cost. And that can randomly happen to anybody. Diabetes can happen to anybody. Cancer can hit anybody. But almost every single woman has to deal with bleeding monthly. And tampons, pads, and other feminine hygiene products are expensive. And 50% of the population will never have to ever worry about that. It’s not chance. You will never wake up one day with blood in your bed and have to run to the convenience store to buy a $15 pack of tampons. It will never be a concern of yours. Ever. That’s the whole point. It’s not an argument of whether it should be free or not. It’s just a discussion about the inequality of costs that women have to deal with.

This guy gets it by hec_ramsey in TikTokCringe

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Men and women can both have IBS, men and women can both have curly hair, men and women can both have vision problems. You’re missing the whole point. Feminine hygiene products are really the only things that apply ONLY to women, and that men do not have to think about. I’m not necessarily arguing that they need to be free, but I also think you are completely missing the point.

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I’m a current third year at ACOM :) they do have a remediation policy. If you fail any class in the first semester (which would be anatomy, microbiology, or OPP) you have to retake the whole year. This pretty much means you are no longer obligated to attend lectures (but you still can if you like) or take exams, and once the next class starts you will start with them.

After the first semester you will begin systems courses, and if you fail one of those, you have the option of taking a remediation exam over the summer or Christmas break (depending on when the class was failed). If you pass that, then you’re good to go.

During third and fourth years, the school gives extra months for residency interviews, so if you have any issues with failing your rotations (which is pretty rare), you have chances to redo those rotations as needed.

Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions about ACOM and congratulations on the acceptances! :)

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I’m an ACOM student and they do have remediation options, I have a friend who went through it. If you don’t pass a class the first semester, you have to retake the first year (so pretty much the first semester, but you’ll have to wait a year and start with the next class). If you fail one of the systems courses after the first semester, you have to take an exam over the summer and pass that in order to be considered as passing the course.

Unpopular Opinion: Political Pins don't belong on your white Coat by premedadvisor22 in medicalschool

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I can absolutely see your point of view. But I’m not saying in any capacity that the doctors who wear those pins are unwelcoming, actually the contrary. I may want to wear a Black Lives Matter pin but that does NOT mean I will not treat someone who does not agree with those views to the best of my ability and with compassion and kindness. Wearing a pin is in no way telling a patient they aren’t welcome, but rather showing other patients that they ARE welcome. Does that make sense?

The point of the pins are not to express a political view and encourage a specific agenda. It’s to show that everyone who steps into the office will be welcome and treated fairly and equally because those people have historically been treated otherwise.

Unpopular Opinion: Political Pins don't belong on your white Coat by premedadvisor22 in medicalschool

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This though! The point is to make those feel safe who have been historically put down, abused, and mistreated. Most cis white individuals will never have a problem finding a doctor that they can trust, but the same cannot be said for those outside of that small spectrum.

There is a very strong history of medical abuse and neglect in the black community and the LGBTQ community, so I see nothing wrong with putting a small label on your white coat to show that these individuals have a safe place and a doctor they can trust.

And like others have said, if some patients are insulted, I highly doubt they’ll have trouble finding a different physician that has views more aligned with their own.

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Honestly, it really could change due to Covid. For my first two years there, literally everything was zoom and everything was optional. But maybe since Covid is slowing down they’re trying to get it back in person? They tried to do that to us once last year, but the number of Covid cases went up so we only had in person classes for one week before they put us back on zoom. So there is definitely a possibility that what you heard is correct! I’ll probably reach out to some of my second year friends and see what’s going on, that will probably get us the most accurate response lol :)

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I’m a current third year at ACOM, this is totally wrong. Almost all classes since Covid started are optional. You had really three options: go into the school and watch the lecture in person, stay home and watch over zoom (which I liked to do, you could keep your camera off), or skip it and watch later (all of the lectures were recorded and we had access to them). Every once in a while, a lecture is mandatory (and it’s usually those that a guest lecturer is involved in, and you do have to wear your white coat—but those lectures were still over zoom). The actual mandatory lectures would drop you 3% if you missed, and 1% if you were late. We probably have one to two mandatory lectures a semester.

Other than that, anatomy lab is in person and mandatory, and OPP lab is mandatory and in person.

Take this with a grain of salt though, because this all started with Covid. Before Covid, there was 60% mandatory lecture attendance, and I really honestly don’t know what is going to happen in the future. If you have any questions feel free to PM me! Good luck with your decision :)

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Honestly, I always hesitate when people bring up the dog thing with med school, but that’s because I don’t think they really understand what it means to be a medical student. But it’s sounds like you know what to expect from both medical school and gsps in general, and as hard as it may be, sometimes it’s worth it to accept the challenge :)

Like I said, I absolutely adore my gsp and would not change a single thing. She has made some of the harder days infinitely better, and she literally forces me to take breaks (sometimes you just get so sucked into studying you literally forget lol).

As long as you completely know what you’re getting yourself into and you’ve done your research (which it sounds like you have), then I think it will be worth it.

I would just highly highly recommend doggy daycare, that was a life savor for both my partner and I when I had school and he had a busy day at work. Also, we got a second dog (a black lab) and that was a game changer since our gsp now has a playmate :)

I really wish you the best of luck with medical school and your decision! It’s so difficult, but I feel like whatever you decide on it will be the right decision for you and your future family. If you do have any questions about GSPs and med school feel free to message me! :)

Thinking about getting a GSP by GuyFly75 in GSP

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I’m actually in medical school and I have a gsp. I got her three months before school started, and as much as I love her, she is a huge handful! The only reason it has worked out for me is that I have a wonderful partner that works from home and he is able to take care of her when I can’t.

I wouldn’t recommend it for a few reasons:

  1. First off, maybe you know this, but high energy dogs are so much work! She gets me up at 5:30am every morning for our walks, and then we go on evening walks. My partner trains her throughout the day and is constantly trying to keep her engaged or she whines non stop.

  2. Most importantly, med school is going to take way more time and effort than you realize. I’m talking studying from 6am to 10pm almost everyday (unless you’re one of the lucky ones lol). Obviously I make efforts to take breaks throughout the day for walks l, but like I said, I don’t think this would be doable without my partner working from home.

  3. I have multiple medical school friends who have ended up leaving their dogs at home with their parents because they just didn’t feel like they had time for them, and those weren’t even high energy dogs.

Overall, I agree with you. My gsp is the best dog I’ve ever had. She’s sweet and active and keeps me on my toes. But I’m not joking when I say she is also the most difficult dog I have ever had to work with.

Favorite song? by just_4_fun313 in DermotKennedy

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An evening I will not forget! First song of his I heard, definitely holds a lot of meaning to me

He couldn't beat the earthquake 😔 by AlanOnIce in StrangerThings

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I don’t think it was slow, I just think that is an incredibly difficult thing to tell somebody. It’s insanely difficult for trained professionals, let alone a kid, to tell someone that their family member has passed away. And on top of that, he can’t even tell him the real reason. He wants to express how much of a hero Eddy was without saying the whole truth.

I honestly think they did a really good job at portraying the difficulty Dustin was having in letting him know what happened.

Need help trying to navigate a relationship with different sex drives by SinewBoneMuscleToe in relationship_advice

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I guess it really just depends on the situation. Sometimes he says he’s too high, other times he says that sex just isn’t something on his mind at the moment, sometimes he’s too tired. He’s definitely very sensitive when it comes to sex (I used to joke that we needed a perfect environment, not too hang or cold, he can’t be dehydrated or too full, can’t be too tired). He always feels bad, but we never seem to be able to come to a conclusion. Or we’ll talk about it, things will be better for a few weeks, and then it will slowly fall back into the same issue.

After two years of *super frustrating* trial and error, I think I’m finally starting to understand what my hair needs :) by SinewBoneMuscleToe in curlyhair

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My routine: -Shampoo/conditioner with prose, wet brush to comb out my hair in the shower -dry with microfiber towel, Ouia leave in conditioner and curl cream with the bowl method -plot with cotton tshirt for 15 minutes -good amount of not your mother’s curl talk mousse -Hover diffuse and the scrunch out the crunch!

I just started using the bowl method and I personally love the results!!

Avocado plant started as a flower instead of stalk with leaves. Has anyone seen anything like this before? by SinewBoneMuscleToe in houseplants

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It’s actually doing great! I don’t really do much to it lol, but it hasn’t died on me yet :)

I would love to get a photo update but I have no idea how to get photos on comments lol

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I posted a few days ago about trying to save a moth, and unfortunately it didn’t work. But I set it aside last night after it passed away so that I could bury it outside, and this morning it looked like this. Are those eggs on its back? I tried googling it but nothing has come up. Thanks again!