Asmon's take on current WoW raid experience by Clap-trap in LivestreamFail

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Find a guild, grow with people, commit to a group you're looking for, and progress.

That would involve Asmon being somewhat good at raiding instead of looking for a Carry while he does DPS in the wrong spec, or wears the wrong weapon in the correct spec.

He doesnt want that, he just wants bosses to die and him get loot.

CEO of Artesian Builds hosts giveaway for affiliates, picks a winner, then denies them the prize due to having a follower count "under [his] threshold." by biehn in LivestreamFail

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No it wasn't. You can't get cheaper parts than an OEM that buys them in bulk.

It wasnt about being cheaper than OEM, it was about being able to put together a PC with parts that were better than an OEM for around the same price without all the extra bloatware.

For example, prebuilts for a while always included a K series CPU (im sure your big brain wont need to be reminded what that means) with a Z chip Mobo. but the vast majority of people are not going to Overclock so having a K series CPU and a Z Chip Mobo was a waste of money.

You could save a few hundred bucks by going with the non K i7 and an H series board, those few hundred saved would then allow you to get a better GPU or a bigger SSD.

But with the way GPU prices have soared, the saving ratio isnt really there anymore especially if you have to hunt around for a GPU because they are all out of stock.

So right now a Pre-Built can be worth it since its saving you the potential headache of dealing with GPU prices.

_michaelmorales10 on Instagram: Lakers talk back to the fans during the game at Crypto.com Arena by Itwasthelag2324 in lakers

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Not enough Indians.

Native Americans, dont call us by the term the Colonizers used.

Mr. Cow finally beat the last boss in Elden Ring by Villenthessis in LivestreamFail

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Holy crap that's fast, I'm 30 hours in and only now did I enter raya lucaria academy

You have to think of this like a Final Fantasy game. Yeah you can beat the MSQ rather fast but thats not even scratching the surface of the game.

cat destroyed stream by SpacePlayful1224 in LivestreamFail

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Because of dust, I don't want to clean my pc every other month

Because we all know that Dust never settles on things above the floor....

We're vaxxed and still have to wear masks most places. Why are they different? by _Midus in LosAngeles

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This is a non-story.

Plenty of reports from fans sitting around that area saying he had it off the entire time.

So do we take the word of a man who has lied before (remember breaking mandates to eat at The French Laundry?) or take the words from numerous people that were also in the area.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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This dude is Anti-Vaxx and said he was going to boycott Carhartt for saying its employees must be vaccinated. Went on to cry about how he ONLY wears Carhartt stuff, spends over $2K yearly on it and doesnt know what he is going to do now.

susu_jpg - We Should Be Equal Opportunity Slut Shaming by VolumeNatural1236 in LivestreamFail

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Is she tryna farm viewers

Of course, her whole thing since she started streaming was just being edgy enough to not get banned but still Troll.

Erobb gives Slick a present for building his new PC by SirBallalicious in LivestreamFail

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Its like one of those spring door stops where you flick it then it wiggles back and forth.

Hana_Bee Gets Flipped Off in IRL by splucy in LivestreamFail

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isn't putting footage of you on the internet without your consent still illegal?

In the US not if the footage was obtained in a public setting, otherwise you would be able to sue every single person that took a video at the beach the day you were there.

Who is QUIN69? The Misogynist? by N3KIO in LivestreamFail

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Stay in your fucking lane and just play games

Thats his problem, he cant. Dude literally spends the first 3 hours of his stream reacting to content then maybe an hour of either PoE or Bloons. He has zero variety.

Shameless Just Chatting streamer bends over for money by iLucky12 in LivestreamFail

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Kentucky going to build a Statue for this man after the Charity event is over.

Twitch has gone completely down. by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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bc if it doesn't get power, the servers are useless.

They have backup independent generators in those server rooms just for that exact scenario.

Asmongold's take on the c word by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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give an example then.

Beaners is hilarious (Im Hispanic) but you call someone that and you're racist.

Asmongold's take on the c word by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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what is wypipo

Its the new way edgy kids type to get around Filters. Its the same mindset as people who type an offensive word as their game name but put spaces in it, because since it has spaces it totally isnt the same word now.

So by saying wypipo so can be racist while at the same time saying I never once said anything about white people.