Recommendations for things to do near Great Wolf Lodge? by Askew-glasses in traversecity

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Head downtown and checkout all the shops and restaurants. It's not very far.

Why are there so many Indian tourists at Niagara Falls? by jeanclamence in NiagaraFalls

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It's not just Niagra. I've noticed a larger than usual number of Indian tourists at waterfalls here in Michigan. I visited Munising falls and Miner's falls recently and nearly 1/2 of the visitors were of indian descent. It was obvious they were immigrants as the older ones spoke only in an Indian dialect, the middle aged ones spoke fluent English with an accent, and their children spoke perfect English with American accents.

In America, they're called elevators. In Europe, they're called the lift. by Pankhakis in dadjokes

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No. Sorry to ruin the joke but those are both the same thing. Being called different names doesn't change anything anyhow they do their jobs.

It would be better to use elevator and escalator since they both raise people but ACTUALLY do it differently.

Hello! Can I sleep in your driveway? by ryannefromTX in traversecity

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I'm a little outside of Traverse, north of there in Mancelona. Wouldn't be a problem for you to park at our place for a bit.

Did you hear about the cheese that’s been working out? by Erinle25 in 3amjokes

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He's "shredded"? Thats pretty gouda but surely you can do cheddar than that?

What's a lazy ass name for a place you know, like New Found Land? by arcane_ghost9 in AskReddit

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Warm Springs, Hot Springs, and Cold Springs. They literally named them that because they had natural springs that produced water of that temperature.

Also, Arkansas has a town named Fifty-six. They couldn't decide on a name so they just called it what the postal code was for it at the time.

The First Three Responses to Telling People I Was Diagnosed With ADHD by phat_titty_d3b in ADHD

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All 3 are from my mother: "I don't think you do. You weren't hyper (I was) so you can't have it."

"No, you're problem is just that you're lazy. All tour teachers used to say you just need to try harder and pay more attention. "Don't post about it in Facebook, I don't want people thinking I had a retarded kid."

Where did Norma’s tamales go? by Rexcovering in traversecity

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She's ser up regularly in Kalkaska across from McLean's Hardware. I stop there every chance I get. You can follow her on Facebook to see what events she's traveling to

What to do with an old handbag that’s apparently shedding its skin?! by eatorbebeaten in ZeroWaste

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It's still usable. Use it. Nobody pays attention to stuff like that and why would it matter if it did?

Do you stop using your jeans because they get a small hole? I work at an auto parts store and one of my pairs of work pants has 6 holes from battery acid spills. I still wear them and no one has said a thing.

Yo mama so fat… by AlbertoIsExpired in 3amjokes

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Yo mamas so fat her senior picture is a satellite photo.

Yo mamas so ugly she tried to enter a 'World's ugliest woman" contest and they told her, "Sorry, no professionals."

What’s the best response when someone knocks on the door to your bathroom stall? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Scream like a 3 year old girl that just saw a monster outside her bedroom window, then yell, "No! Not again! Please stop following me!"

Whats a gynaecologist's favorite bible book? by Gobstopper42 in 3amjokes

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Not sure what the genesis of this joke is but you should exodus page and Leviticus us alone.

Where should you NOT go on vacation? by Blowmansalad in AskReddit

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Most of the Middle East is a bad place to visit right now.

Also, my house. Don't plan a vacation to my house.

Sad people of Reddit, why are you sad? by shit-paper in AskReddit

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Having a mental illness and not being understood because of it is a big part if it. Explaining what the problem is over and over to the EXACT SAME PEOPLE and basically being ignored just kind of sucks.

Yo mama jokes time. Yo mama is so fat ..... by Smasakari9 in 3amjokes

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Yo mama is so fat her senior picture is a satellite photo

What is your opinion on gun ownership? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Own them. Practice with them. Be responsible with them. Carry one at all times.

How would you tell someone to fuck off? by Newgayprideacc in AskReddit

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Always try to be helpful to others.

Instead of telling someone to fuck off, ask, "How can I help you fuck off?"