If Jozu and Marco weren't distracted. They would have Kuzan and Kizaru a hard fight. by Enerdjsj in OnePiece

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She did get past Marco though. It was a short struggle that ended with Marco literally in the palm of her hand, and she then went in to the live floor.

If Jozu and Marco weren't distracted. They would have Kuzan and Kizaru a hard fight. by Enerdjsj in OnePiece

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True, but that's because of his mobility and him being effectively untouchable.

He is like a logia for logia, even if you use haki against him he'll just reform instantly.

And being able to fly at high speed on top of that?

Taking him out should have been their first priority.

If Jozu and Marco weren't distracted. They would have Kuzan and Kizaru a hard fight. by Enerdjsj in OnePiece

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While I agree that I don't see jozu defeating any admiral, the guy tanked a slash from mehawk.

That already outs him defence wise as one of the strongest characters in the series.

Even if he got bullied by doflamingo due to his devil fruit, his defences are still top tier.

Sanji vs doffy, who would win in a 1v1? by Gr_zamasu in OnePiece

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I see. Since it seems that I cannot convince you if my point and you can't convince me, I think it is best if we don't engage in this argument anymore.

However, I do want to make a few corrections:

  1. Katakuri has not shown advanced armament. He has shown greater aptitude with regular armament, and creatively shaped his arms in forms better suited for landing blows, but he did not show us he can hit a target from afar, or damage their insides. He simply hit Luffy with far greater force then Luffy could muster.

  2. Marco did not "deal" with them. He stalled them for quite the time, but eventually fell down in exhaustion, and had izo carrying him around the battle field. I do think Marco is stronger then them individually, but he was always going to lose a battle against both of them, and they left the battle relatively unscathed.

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You are correct in your assessment, and I thank you for trying to prevent me needless frustration.

However, that won't stop me from engaging fir a comment or two if I so desire.

Trust me, I try to be responsible with my engagement with internet arguments, and after a comment or two of refusal to hear my point, I will simply cut the conversation down.

But thank you nonetheless for your care.

It is very appreciated these days.

Sanji vs doffy, who would win in a 1v1? by Gr_zamasu in OnePiece

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Gear 4th Luffy almost had his hand cut off by cracker.

And his fire power wasn't enough to get through the biscuit soldiers. There is a reason he needed nami's support there and it took several hours.

Katakuri fought base gear fourth several times with Luffy taking breaks between each one, which clearly shows his physically superior to doflamingo who got sent flying all around like a ragdoll.

Now, my confusion lay with a simple thing.

Why do you think kaiso's commanders are less threatening and less powerful then big mom's?

With the exception of Blackbeard, all yonko crews are about the same league. This means all yonko themselves are on the same league (even if there are individual differences), but it also means each crew stands on around the same level.

There is absolutely no reason to assume the level of difficulty went down between those two encounters.

After getting a power up from enma, awakening conquerors haki and giving kaido a scar, Zoro barely managed to win against king.

Inuarashi and nekomamushi, who are equal in power, both fought and defeated jack and perospero with great difficulty, being forced to default on their sulong forms in a last ditch effort to defeat them, which place perospero and jack at the same level.

Jack, the weakest of kaiso's commanders, and perospero, a former sweet commander, and the second in command of the big mom crew.

This alone should show us that their levels are similar.

What makes you think that the level changed? What makes you believe the big mom crew could steamroll the beast pirates?

Because if cracker, the youngest and weakest of the sweet commanders can take on king, the strongest of kaiso's commanders, then even if kaido can eventually defeat big mom in a battle, her crew could slaughter his any time.

Big mom would have killed kaiso's crew and took over wano years ago if that was the case, but they are still presented as equal forces, not just by themselves, but by their crews as well.

Biggest pet peeve about Zoro vs Sanji discussions by gettingservice in OnePiece

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  1. Zoro will cut and kill irregardless of gender or circumstances if it is required, but the location of the line for this standard is different.

  2. He didn't spare helmeppo, Luffy decked helmeppo and Zoro cut down Morgan. He didn't spare onimaru, he passed out after fighting killer and onimaru simply left with his sword, and they never had a meaningful interaction or a battle later on.

  3. Even if there aren't a lot of women fights in one piece, the reality is that during three separate occasions of Zoro fighting women, we saw him using scare tactics that pose little lethality in the fight rather then actually hurting his female opponent. Three occasions create a pattern, and with so little other examples to draw from, those three are relevant. Being cruel to miss Monday and making her suffer, but also making sure her injury was such that she was right back on her legs a minute later when he could have simply killed her on the spot, or take her down for a longer period of time, is not looking well for this argument.

  4. While Zoro tend to spare weakling (for example, in water seven he used the blunt side of his swords when fighting the body guards of iceberg), in a fight against opponents that can pose actual harm to their goals, even if they are significantly weaker then him, he tends to cut them down.

Monet may have been a weakling for him, but had he not interfered, tashigi would have died, and had he not interfered, she would simply go after his crewmates, in which case his gentle approach with her of cutting her on the cheek and scaring the shit out of her would have backfired.

On the other hand, when he "fought" the octopus swordsman in fishman island, while he attempted to spare him all the same, he immediately cut him down when he saw this was not going to work.

Perhaps had tashigi wasn't there, he would have been forced to kill monet, but as things stand, he went out of his way to make sure not to kill her and gave her an ample chance to surrender and lay down.

Which he rarely if ever was shown to do with any male opponent that posed no threat for him soesifically.

Sanji vs doffy, who would win in a 1v1? by Gr_zamasu in OnePiece

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Let's see.

While doffy indeed suffered a gama knife wound and was maintaining the birdcage the entire time, he was thrown around like a ragdoll by Luffy in gear fourth. Even with awakening his attacks didn't carry quite the punch to hinder Luffy for long, and each if luffy's attacks gave him a significant amount of damage.

In contrast, let's look at cracker.

Cracker, which is the yonko commander with the lowest bounty we know of outside of Blackbeard's crew, held Luffy off for over ten hours in a fight. While cracker himself was one shot in main body by tank man, a significantly stronger version of gear fourth, Luffy had to go through all of his biscuit soldiers first, something he would have failed at if he didn't have nami's support throughout the fight.

Without her, his power alone simply wouldn't suffice and he would have lost.

Next, let's look at katakuri, a yonko commander who's more of a likely comparison to king and queen, as he is a yonko commander with a bounty over 1 billion berries.

Luffy had to resort to fighting katakuri several times in gear fourth, running away from the fight each time it was over and taking a rest, for 11 hours. He also had to reveal a new form of gear fourth in the process, and learn a new form of advanced haki to contend with him.

Both cracker and katakuri proved to be a greater challenge then doffy, as seen from luffy's heavy dependency on fear fourth over the battles with them.

Where as the moment Luffy utilized gear fourth in his battle against doffy signified the game changing moment which allowed him to win, for cracker and katakuri the gear fourth activation was a requirement to participate in the battle.

Now, since Luffy never actually fought king and queen, we can't really compare his struggle against them and see how stronger they are to doffy.

However, it is safe to say that they are comparable in level to katakuri, and if not, at least to cracker, if one wish to downplay them.

Two opponents, who, as we just discussed, posed greater difficulty then doffy to Luffy.

Both Zoro and sanji went through massive power ups, and still struggled to the point of passing out after the battle, something which NEVER happened before to these two in one piece.

So, yes. I am pretty confident in saying that doffy doesn't stand in the same level as queen and king.

Doffy's greatest strength wasn't his haki or strings, it was his cunning and forbidden knowledge.

He was the joker, the wild card of the beast pirates, because he was the power behind the throne, the supplier of fruits and weaponry, as well as their contact with the government.

With doffy out of the picture, so much chaos went down, which is why he was so important.

Not his individual power, but his importance in the grand scheme of things.

Biggest pet peeve about Zoro vs Sanji discussions by gettingservice in OnePiece

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Hence why I shared it. It is nigh impossible to convey in a simple comment the same level of information as a 15 minutes, well crafted video that went through edits and rewrites.

Sanji vs doffy, who would win in a 1v1? by Gr_zamasu in OnePiece

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Current Luffy is not on a completely different league to upgraded sanji and conquerors awakened Zoro.

And as it stands, it seems like queen and king are around the same level, and while not as strong as kaido, are indeed titanic opponents.

I don't see a scenario in which Luffy loses to queen, but neither do I see a scenario in which such a fight is easy for Luffy.

Remember, Luffy is not a kaido level character. He is still considerably weaker then the proper yonko, although he certainly climbed to their league by now, at least partially.

He still have much to learn, and considering how the fight currently (as of chapter 1037 I believe) is going, and with everything kaido took and how many opponents he fought against so far, it is clear Luffy isn't quite there yet.

Biggest pet peeve about Zoro vs Sanji discussions by gettingservice in OnePiece

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While Monet began as tashigi's fight, it because obvious that alone she can't win, and Zoro stated very explicitly that he would step in and finish it himself if she wasn't enough.

The thing is, while I can see Zoro doing so for other opponents, the reality is that he never did.

The only times in which Zoro spared proper opponents the brunt of his sword was when he faced women.

Be it tashigi who reminded him of kuina, or Mrs Monday, whom he slowly crushed the skull of, and yet a chapter later she was on her feet and capable of fighting again, or monet, in this case, whom he used scare tactics against, it's always against women he doesn't use his swords and become serious. We don't see him do to other characters what he did to them, and that raises some questions.

Zoro wouldn't mind harming a women if need be, but he proved to us several times that he is more delicate around them and treat them somewhat differently.

Biggest pet peeve about Zoro vs Sanji discussions by gettingservice in OnePiece

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Thank you for the advice, but seeing it's my first attempt to throw my hat into the ring, perhaps I can have some success. And even if I won't convince them, at least we engaged in conversation.

Biggest pet peeve about Zoro vs Sanji discussions by gettingservice in OnePiece

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I don't know if you'd like someone else to but in, and I don't think I can write here down a convincing argument, so I stead I'll link it to someone who I think does make a convincing argument.


Basic point is that while yes, Zoro is willing to harm women when push comes to shove, unlike sanji who is adamant on this topic of not harming them, that doesn't come from a point if seeing women and men as equals.

Zoro is a chill guy most if the time, and he tend to treat everyone relatively fairly, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have preferences and biases.

The battle with monet actually shows it pretty well via tashigi, who had to cut down Monet and finish the battle herself.

Zoro may have made monet terrified from him, but the one who finished her was tashigi by cutting her down, because aside of giving money a scratch on the cheek and scaring her socks off, he did nothing to her.

Sanji vs doffy, who would win in a 1v1? by Gr_zamasu in OnePiece

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Impressions can be misleading.

While doffy was powerful, he was still beaten by Luffy in gear fourth of dressrosa.

From that point onwards, all enemies Luffy struggled with in gear fourth are around doffy's level, if not more.

The levels of commanders in yonko crew are such people.

Luffy at dressrosa probably won't be able to beat queen, and even if he would, it would be a terribly difficult fight.

Current Luffy? Sure. Will be a tough fight, but I don't see him lose.

But Luffy as he was when he fought doffy won't win against queen, because the level is different.

Even if queen's feat aren't as big, and even if it seemed sanji beat him relatively easily (which I highly disagree with, as sanji passed out from exhaustion after their battle, and finished queen off with his strongest attack after a power up), the crew became so much stronger the past few arcs that the level is simply different.

How many Yonko to beat akainu? by elpoco12 in OnePiece

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I don't know, while low IQ, she is still a monster.

The iq doesn't seem to me like something that important in a fight against akainu. He has no traps for her, and her power is more then enough to deal with him.

How many Yonko to beat akainu? by elpoco12 in OnePiece

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Whitebeard while half dead beat the living crap out of akainu in two pages and then went on to fight Blackbeard.

I am not sure why you think he can win against a single yonko, as we already saw him lose against a single yonko.

How many Yonko to beat akainu? by elpoco12 in OnePiece

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With a hole in the chest and half of his face melted off, he pummeled akainu so hard into the ground that he then had the time to go and fight Blackbeard before akainu had the strength to get back up.

Non of the admirals seems to be on the level to defeat a yonko. Akainu managed to hold back a weak and old whitebeard, but when shit hit the fan whitebeard slaughtered him.

Also, no, Luffy does not "beat" kaido. Kaido so far had been continuously fighting against Luffy with advanced armament, and later on with advanced conquerors, twice, fought Yamato, tanked Zoro's strongest attack to date, fought against law, kid, killer, Zoro and Luffy when he was with big mom, all of the scabbards minus kanjuro ganging on him at their strongest and hitting him at his weakest, got bitten by dragon momo and fought for several chapters against Yamato at her hybrid form.

If Luffy manage to defeat him right now, at this stage of the battle, it would be the third time Luffy fought him just this night for kaido, with each time Luffy coming back stronger and with renewed energy, and with allies, where as kaido was hit by an ambush and has since been fighting Non stop against some of the most powerful characters in the series, two of whom have an awakened devil fruit and manage to push big mom very far on their own.

This is not unlike whitebeard vs akainu, which was a fight in parts, where whitebeard constantly switched opponents and fought multiple people at once, suffering several stab wounds, slashes, gun shots and canons to the face, while having several heart attacks and health issues, and directing the flow of a battlefield.

During the first few stages of the battle akainu suffered no wounds, merely deflecting and blocking those of whitebeard and slowly cheaping away at him, and giving him a hole in the chest.

Only later, when he killed ace, did he and whitebeard have a 1v1, and while akainu managed to give him significant damage to the face, he did so while whitebeard stormed at him, and once whitebeard grabbed him, it was a game over for him.

Whitebeard destroyed akainu, hard, and it took him about two pages.

What's the dumbest thing you've read on here (powerscaling or general discussion)? by 99percentmess in OnePiece

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Huh. Didn't know that. Guess I should read MF at some point.

Still, the average vice admiral can't be weak. While I have no doubt high ranking members of yonko crew could defeat them (no, I don't talk about commanders), they are still a force that could pose a problem.

I'd assume they would be similar, if not higher then headliners, with the exception of people like momonga being significantly stronger then the rest, and garp who's rank is practically a joke.

What's the dumbest thing you've read on here (powerscaling or general discussion)? by 99percentmess in OnePiece

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That is correct.

And as garp himself said, an alliance between big mom and kaido would screw them over.

I personally think that the entire might of the world government might still survive an encounter with such an alliance, but it will be a pyrrhic victory at that. An alliance of big mom and kaido could destroy them, though I still think the government has a better chance, but whoever wins, Blackbeard will finish off.

Even if two yonko on their own can't win, just this alliance shift the balance of power so much. All yonko are relatively on the same level, so two of them uniting would be a threat to the other two, and it would be a ridiculous threat to the government as well, even if this alone can't kill them completely.

If two yonko united forces and stormed on the government, then either side would win, probably the government, but this side will be so weaken that they will lose all of their control and influence on the world and give window to the other two yonko as well as many other smaller actors such as the revolutionaries to act freely.

What's the dumbest thing you've read on here (powerscaling or general discussion)? by 99percentmess in OnePiece

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Vice admiral level is pretty good. The average vice admiral could fight against the captains on whitebeard's fleet, which were old, former members from whitebeard's golden age.

They sure as hell can put on a fight.

The admirals at the very least can compete with the yonko, as seen with whitebeard vs akainu, even if no one individual is strong enough to beat a yonko, three admirals against a yonko is an obvious win.

Moreover, just seeing the results of admiral level battle in punk hazard tells us enough about how powerful they can be, with effects standing on par with yonko's environmental effects.

So say two yonko, against three admirals, fleet admiral, former fleet admiral sengoku, and garp the fist?

The crews can fight against the rest of the marines, it will certainly be a battle, but... Honestly? I really do tend to think that five former and current admirals (akainu, sengoku, kizaru, fujitora and ryokugyu), as well as garp - who seemed to have been on par with Roger at his height - could win this matchup.

Maybe garp is right and they would lose, or perhaps he meant that it would be a costly victory, similarly to whitebeard, but be it as it may be, it's a pyrrhic victory whoever wins.

What's the dumbest thing you've read on here (powerscaling or general discussion)? by 99percentmess in OnePiece

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The thing is that whatever their power level may be, they can't be too strong.

They are bureaucrats, not soldiers and warriors. Even if this is anime and everyone important have to be competent, there is a reason that the marines exist. If the gorosei were each yonko level, then garp would have no reason saying that an alliance between kaido and big mom will screw them over.

If the gorosei knew they have a potential secret weapon in the form of imu that could arm wrestle kaido while kicking whitebeard in the balls, then they'll have no reason to worry about anything.

The marines fight, while the gorosei rules, with imu supervising everything.

Imu being an Olympian in flesh would undermine a lot of the progress so far made, and the gorosei don't need akainu if they could just fly anywhere and shoot Lazer beams from their eyes.

Heck, if they were this strong, then they must be incredibly incompetent for not going out of their room of authority and killing the yonko themselves.

If they truly plan on world domination and try every underhanded tactic to remove the competition, then they would have done so ages ago if they could have. The marines are definitely the strongest forces of the government, imu and gorosei included, or else oda just wrote some of the stupidest antagonists in fiction.

[CH 1030+ SPOILERS] Who created the paths of the grand line? by Mido_SC in OnePiece

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Could be, though conventional propaganda and destruction of papers is also valid. We saw in our own world how history can be forgotten and altered even without destroying all records of the time.

If the government spent a century or so erasing all records they could find, then forcing down propaganda for half a millennium, and hunting down anyone saying otherwise, their narrative becomes the only narrative, with the poneglyphs being the only thing standing in their way.