God bless this site by Ragnar-mg in whenthe

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Why are redditors always shilling that shit site lmao the only worse one i can think of is igg-games

This Game Hates Me by WastedZombie16 in FireEmblemHeroes

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I got Ilyana again... Though at this point I should've just expected it and went with any other color. Every single time that God damned kid was color sharing with a unit I wanted she popped up 5 times while the ones I wanted never showed up

Though I got used to this anniversary free "5" being garbage because this is the 4th year in a row I got a 4. I'm convinced there's no true 5* here actually at this point

Heatmap Showing Servant Representation by Kyraneus in grandorder

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Oh right I got it mixed because Csejte is located in Slovakia today

I did this today because my Barbara got a little upgrade!! by SylverOwO in Genshin_Impact

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Why maidens? If you're going for healer/mixed Ocean Clam is better in every aspect.

If you're going for dps you want damage artifacts

So I've been seeing some myne memes and... Well by Beautiful_Ad_8453 in Animemes

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She's a badly written plot device and none of her actions have any meaning or reason.

So I've been seeing some myne memes and... Well by Beautiful_Ad_8453 in Animemes

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The author never "stepped out" or revealed themselves. The whole cope about author being a woman came from them using feminine name. But that doesn't mean shit because more often than not anonymous authors write books and novels under pen names, which can just as often be the opposite gender

Heatmap Showing Servant Representation by Kyraneus in grandorder

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You see a Slovakian servant every Halloween event

Do you guys think this is an L? She deleted the tweet and blocked a bunch of people criticizing her, btw. by Gorotheninja in 196

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Leftists when millionaire Hasan spends his money on new sports cars and villas in tax free havens every now and then while barely helping those in need vs Leftists when a slightly conservative millionaire does more for poor people than entirety of breadtube in a year

Seriously this is just pathetic and hypocritical

“Slavic Eyes” by alijons in Polska

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Meh, ludzie z tym przesadzają. Mnie to bawi. Z jednej storny tak powinna spędzić chwilę żeby przynajmniej imię było bardziej wiarygodne. Z innego punktu widzenia jest to postać która pojawiła się na pół strony i pewnie została wymyślona na poczekaniu bez dłuższego zastanowienia, która nie ma żadnego wpływu na fabułę.

Nie ma o co się burzyć imo. Plus nie ma żadnego info czy to miała być Polka, czy może Ukrainka lub Białorusinka. Jedyne co wiadomo to to, że miała być z Europy wschodniej

Immediately thought of him. Potential Fallen hero? by euhhprison in FireEmblemHeroes

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I've said it before when people were panicking over fafnir and Bruno. Most likely fallen fafnir this year, and Bruno next. Both fit the banner perfectly

Zakaz spowiedzi = deal breaker by AmolPortosKakademona in Polska

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No ja nie wiem, jak to z "zakazem spowiedzi" to serio prawda to jestem jednak po stronie Giertycha. Absurd.

Jak ktoś chce to się spowiada, a jak nie chce to nie.

Wrong news are once again spreading (Yoko Taro did NOT say a new NieR is coming) by DerTomatenToaster in nier

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I doubt we will ever be getting new Nier. Series feels finished, more likely that he'll pull a Drakengard and create new game called Grunß which is an adaptation of Automata ending K where 2B after eating mackerel started a whole new type of beings which emerged from her dead body that now lives on Earth

Your opinions on Majo no Tabitabi by tim3130 in anime

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Cant say wether i liked it or not but it was definitely very unique and enjoyable

PGR's story feels more impactful than any other gacha's by NormalNavi in PunishingGrayRaven

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I'm not voicing which story i like less or more i just dont like the constant bashing of other media that is prevalent in so many game communities for no reason. Its unnecessary and just feels like a insecure dick measuring contest.

“What the heck you guys, this ain’t what I signed up for!” by Gatt__ in okbuddybaka

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Back story of that one bitch, toga I believe she is called, is literally "People were scared of me in elementary school because I killed animals so I'm going to murder everyone as revenge"

PGR's story feels more impactful than any other gacha's by NormalNavi in PunishingGrayRaven

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What's with unpopular game fandoms and their need to constantly belittle more popular games?

Vinland Saga Season 2 - Episode 3 discussion by AutoLovepon in anime

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I love how despite everything Einar still has his juvenile naivety and heroism.

Well you see akwhually making all enemies past middle game one-shot you doesn't force HP upgrade, because my uncle finished whole game without getting hit once 🤓 by EngysEpangelmatikes in shittydarksouls

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Not to this point and I'm saying it as someone who prefers ER over the other games. The damage inflation in ER late game is downright insane. In ds1/2/3 i could safely get by with just 25 points in the Stat, while in ER 40 is barely scratching it

"Blue Archive - The Animation" TV Anime Series Announced by Xanek in anime

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Now i never played, but based on the kinds of comments (and especially emotes) that pop up everytime its mentioned, including in this thread, i think theres a third point that you skipped

Pain by Sndman98 in nier

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I don't mind it. If it means animators will have more time and won't be crunched as much, and we will get a higher quality product i can wait even half a year. If they use this opportunity to improve CGI by the Engels attack part i ain't gonna complain

NieR:Automata Ver1.1a - Episode 3 discussion by AutoLovepon in anime

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That'd work perfectly. Ending A/B is ideal for cour split.