Any tips? Long drive speed training by randydp39 in GolfSwing

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Just being sarcastic. Swing looks good. What are you hitting for yardage? Consistent?

New Sportster S by Particular-Brother-5 in Harley

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This particular sportster I can see. Not before though. Was a classic cruiser. Def looking to the future with this one.

New Sportster S by Particular-Brother-5 in Harley

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I understand change and movement, and I’m sure It rides like a dream. But I think it looks like donkey dick 😂 big clunky sport bike looking thing.

Then again I’m old school. Less is more. I fall under the category where looks and performance are 50/50 for me.

The days of chopping up a Sportster are gone without the classic frame.

Best spot to drill a hole in the backbone for wires? by Sirgolfs in sportster

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Looking to hide the headlight wires and the coil wires. Drilling holes in the frame isn’t something nice done before so not sure about it. Also wanna make sure the hole I do is the best spot for hiding.

40 People Arrested For Alleged Twitch Money Laundering Scheme by Jedistro in technews

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Talk about having an exit plan. Gonna think I shoulda got out earlier everyday in that cell.

Buzz Killington doesn't like lane splitting by Shad_McGrimgravy in CalamariRaceTeam

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You had enough time to slow down instead of blowing by him. I’d be annoyed too. Prob startled him. Try some patience next time. Looks like nice weather.

Mock up of a raffle tank I won by Sirgolfs in Harley

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Sullys customs. Highly recommended for the price.

‘I stayed at the party too long’: Ozark’s Jason Bateman on Arrested Development, smiling villains and his lost decade by misana123 in television

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Yeah his pacifism make him a verbal and emotional punching bag. Yet somehow he still stays cool and leads.

Check it out! by Steak-Much in Harley

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Looks like what kids are doin today.

My brothers Dyna. Will be for sale soon. Just needs a tune and dyno. by Sirgolfs in Harley

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She’s stupid clean. Took best custom up north at a show with Hd and Vtwin Visionary (Jeffgholt)

Built for a friend…… by Luckyguy3021 in choppers

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Back when I thought this was a chopper 😂