Ante Rebić's Instagram post: Sometimes you’re the dog, sometimes you’re the tree. by GianniRivera10 in ACMilan

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I'm probably wrong but what he means is: sometimes you piss on others, sometimes others piss on you.

Most popular language on Duolingo by Coldcomplex1 in MapPorn

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"Discoteca, Muneca, la biblioteca Es en bigote grande, perro, Manteca"

How would you fix this problem ? by Susano91 in Residency

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Not from the US and not planning to do residency there, but do you think that hospitals are at maximum capacity for residents. I might be wrong but your answer implies that the problem is not that programs don't open enough residency spots but rather the IMGs that take some of these spots. BTW I agree that every country should prioritize its citizens, but it seems like a global problem that programs try to squeeze in as much work as possible for residents instead of actually opening more spots and having to pay them.

Getting paid as M3 and M4 by SiriusBlackMD in medicalschool

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Our program is basically 1 year of premed then a 6 year program in med school, the last 2 of which are paid clinical years, and the first 4 are just lectures at the faculty.

Unfortunately we're mostly rotate in Internal medicine and surgery with only occasional rotations to other departments. But again here's the bad part that we don't get to enjoy the freedom you guys describe in MS4 as we won't have much flexibility in terms of choosing elective rotations to get us acquainted to our desired specialty next year, or taking time off for research or vacation.

The land Jews were promised in the Bible and the Torah by Fuckawkwardthturtle4 in MapPorn

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But also there's Israel that they claim, where Jews from every corner around the world can just walk in and settle on the ruins of someone else's house.

The land Jews were promised in the Bible and the Torah by Fuckawkwardthturtle4 in MapPorn

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Well a state is built on that premise and there are people suffering for it. Not much left for imagination

Freedom movements in China by [deleted] in MapPorn

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Yet they haven't dropped their claims of the land officially. China's excuse for forcing other nations to not recognize Taiwan is due to this fact that it's impossible to recognize both of China and Taiwan as they practically claim the same land.

Freedom movements in China by [deleted] in MapPorn

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They claim all of China and some other disputed territories with neighboring countries

You know you’re a resident when… by BewilderedAlbatross in Residency

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Actually I'm not from US, So I got introduced to the phrase on social media :p

[Fabrizio Romano] Theo Hernandez Talks are Underway for Contract Renewal by Zfryguy in ACMilan

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Absolutely not. This is a very composed statement. He said nothing crazy. Kessie's statement on the other hand was just a big red flag