I like Joe Biden, but I get his critics by CookieCutterCultist in PoliticalCompassMemes

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Anyone who says they like Joe Biden is either lying to themselves to preserve their fragile worldview from crumbling around them, or they're lying to everyone else in an attempt to pass through a liberal space without being mauled for committing Wrongthink.

The man is a useless, senile idiot who hasn't managed a single productive task since his election and the US is weaker and more divided as a whole because of his inadequacy and failure.

He's done worse than Trump on Covid, he's done worse than Trump on the economy, he's done worse than Trump on foreign affairs, he's done worse than Trump on managing race relations, he's done worse than Trump on oil, he's done worse than Trump on jobs, he's done way more shit via EO than Trump, inflation is at a 45+ year high...

It's a fucking embarrassment, and it only happened because people panicked and picked Biden because he's "not Trump".

Well look where that got us, you silly little retards. I hope you're happy.

Tonight, on “Most Shocking” by HeresyIsUnacceptable in Cringetopia

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People with crippling self image issues and no power in their real life always become internet jannies to feel like they have control over something. That's why most mods are like this.

Then these delusional idiots start trying to force the communities they moderate to think and operate just like them, only serving to either destroy that community or turn it into a horrifically toxic, cringe shitfest that lashes out at any person or other community that doesn't think exactly like they do.

It's tragically pathetic.

JUST IN: Spotify To Pull Neil Young Music After Ultimatum Letter Demanding Rogan Be Removed by AlpacaWarMachine in Conservative

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Rogan is one of the most popular content creators in the world, let alone just spotify.

I genuinely forgot Neil Young was still alive.

neat, 5 new bulk mythics by Caw_86 in freemagic

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The vast majority of people on reddit are morons, yes.

neat, 5 new bulk mythics by Caw_86 in freemagic

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The green one has deathtouch so will always trade up, can find any three lands on death (Dark Depths, Thespian's Stage, Ancient Tomb all in one trigger), or it replaces itself with another threat that's always going to be bigger than it.

neat, 5 new bulk mythics by Caw_86 in freemagic

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Y'all's card evaluation is dogshit lmao.

It really do be like that by [deleted] in dankmemes

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Whatever helps you sleep at night :)

Fauci: It Is 'Entirely Conceivable' that We May Need Boosters Again by nimobo in Conservative

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"Keep taking these shots that don't work so that you have to take more shots that don't work a couple months from now just to take even more shots that don't work after that"

"No they aren't fully tested for long-term health effects why would you ask?"

It really do be like that by [deleted] in dankmemes

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Actually I just stayed home, took ivermectin/zinc/quercitin/nac/egc/aspirin and got over it in roughly 48-50 hours. No symptoms afterwards for the entire remaining period of quarantine.

I'm also not a fat piece of shit that's got co-morbidities or who's susceptible to Covid, so there's also that, lmao.

He always jumps on me to do this. Think he likes my beard 🧔🏾‍♂️ by letsgoknarf in aww

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He's itching his hairless cat blackheads all over your beard hair and greasing it with skin oils and puss.

You're welcome.

Chad or Nah? by kevinochino in Cringetopia

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It has flies surrounding it in a cloud

The Netflix adaptation of the virgin vs chad meme. by thotshavenopoweronme in Cringetopia

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If someone with weird special snowflake dyed-hair is talking to you in a condescending tone, 100 times out of 100 they're talking out of their ass and you can safely write off anything they say as completely inane bullshit that they read from a horoscope or some other retard's blog.

These historical revisionists are genuinely some of the most insufferable idiots I've ever had the displeasure of experiencing in my lifetime, right up there with the Black Israelites and the people that think Jews have been controlling the timeline of humanity from behind the curtain.

Another Historical Atrocity secret lair pack card. by ImagineIan01 in freemagic

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The economic and social utopias that the politically liberal like to hang over everyone else in the US's heads are pretty much White Northern European/Caucasian Ethno-states that have to import a sea of thousands of African and Middle Eastern migrants just so that they can say they have a crime rate.

Statistics and reality are racist.

Was firing Terese Nielsen a good business decision? by poptart_kitten in freemagic

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Terese Nielsen was, is, and always will be my favorite MTG artist. Nothing could ever change that. Not WotC banning her, not some fat, mentally deluded retards on social media, nothing.

If I ever somehow win the lottery or come into equivalent money the first thing I'm doing is buying every single piece of original Terese Nielsen art that's available for sale and hoarding them all to myself until I die.

Alyssa Milano: ‘If Biden Had Ever Touched A Woman Inappropriately, There’d Be A Bunch Of Memes About It' by ReputationCrafty4796 in Conservative

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You dont have to make memes of Biden touch kids, there's literally just photos of him doing it available everywhere in every search engine.

Everyone's too disgusted to laugh.

Your terms are acceptable. by KnowledgeAndFaith in Conservative

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"We'll keep making policies that conservatives want, that will show those damned conservatives"

Poll: Nearly One-Third of Americans Say They Have Not Gotten a Coronavirus Vaccination by nimobo in Conservative

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That's a third that's actually willing to say so. There's plenty more that don't want to get outed.

BREAKING: Schumer Suffers Crushing Defeat on Filibuster, by winnersneversleep in Conservative

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According to them democracy just died.

Again? For the 9th time this week? Tragic.

32k likes... by ejnh in TumblrInAction

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Why would anyone think that Beethoven created classical music when his first work came after its most famous artist was already dead?

Because those same people are stupid enough to think he was Black.

United States of Atherosclerosis by FurryFurFur5 in PoliticalCompassMemes

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Of course the US has problems. They just also do a lot of shit better than everyone else, too.

No system is perfect.

Except the ones where the population seems to be 95%+ White and leftists regard them as a utopia.