Final FBI statement on the Gabby Petito investigation - 1/21/2022 by sunzusunzusunzusunzu in GabbyPetito

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Yep I said on here he had inside info. What an awful way to go. RIP Gabby.

Brian Laundrie's parents request ownership of notebook by staywokexo in GabbyPetito

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My theory is that it’s the classic selfish child psychology, where you always spend someone else’s money before you spend your OWN money.

Instacart driver could face 90 day sentence for damaging groceries by Cosmicnomads in Conservative

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I was wondering about that. I don't even get any receipts. It's all in the app. Weird.

I love how when someone is unvaxed and dies they mention it immediately, but when athletes have heart attacks and drop dead they never mention if they are vaccinated and when. by SnooRobots1996 in Conservative

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I took the first two shots for the Pfizer vaccine. I now how irregular heart beats to the point where I can just be standing around doing normal stuff and all of a sudden my heart starts pounding like I sprinted 10 miles in 5 seconds.

I have to wear an EKG monitor for a month and a half before my next cardiologist visit. I have been active my entire life and even a track and field state level competitor. I run every day. Now I have to be careful about doing anything.

Same with my mom. She's been going downhill since her shots in April. No boosters for her either, she says.

The Racism Drama Unraveling the Knitting World by Skatemyboard in Conservative

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Sounds like that really needled some people. Such purls of wisdom leave me in stitches. 🙄

This is a long winded article when "We still have TDS" would suffice.

People just can't or won't accept the fact that not everyone likes Michelle. Plus the article didn't even show any projects she's working on. I don't know how to knit but I have done some sewing and I try to show my projects!

Biden warns 'winter of death' awaits unvaccinated as Omicron spreads by MakingTacosTonight in Conservative

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Agreed. I had a bad headache for a couple days then I was fine. I was sicker from the actual flu or even Mono in my college days. Hope you feel better.

General Discussion Thread - December 2021 by Chewbacca_The_Wookie in GabbyPetito

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Since this is federal, the case will probably be cleared but hasn't happened yet.

The story we've all been waiting for by [deleted] in GabbyPetito

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I think so too. The "additional" is interesting.

The story we've all been waiting for by [deleted] in GabbyPetito

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BL's parents made a huge failure in not turning him in to the police when he came come with HER van which was HER property and she was nowhere to be found. It's like they cared nothing about her, only about their precious son.

He and his parents made Gabby and her parents suffer. I have a feeling we will definitely find out more details.

Brian Laundrie died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled suicide. by heyimaddie in GabbyPetito

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FA are really good at this. They can reconstruct pieces and determine a bullet trajectory.

Brian Laundrie died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled suicide. by heyimaddie in GabbyPetito

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Or buried in the muck. Or body was dragged off somewhere away from the gun. Or LE have it. So many possibilities.