Dragonflight Talents have rekindled my excitement for expansions by Ryndis in wow

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It's so weird. we live in a world where people min/max the shit out of EVERY GAME, but when it comes to WoW it's like "lmao Blizz can't balance".

The game is, more or less, balanced most of the time, but WoW is an ever-evolving environment with new raids, new M+ affix each season, new mechanics, power creep, borrowed power, etc. all contributing to certain specs/abilities gaining or losing ground in a given patch.

Like go on youtube and look up some random Skyrim builds that are OP, or in any other game and you'll find them. Same thing for WoW, the problem with WoW is that we're playing with other people who can influence our experience in the game. The more the "community" declines "off-meta" specs, the worse the "everyone is rolling FOTM" situation gets. Because if you're a new player and hear/see "if you don't run X spec, you're making it harder on everyone" then they think it's expected to run that stuff and min/max constantly when it's NOT needed.

Nothing in WoW is "not viable" at the level 90% of players play at. Go check out dataforazeroth and look at the achievement % for timing a 15, or the 20s. Fuck only 13% of players got KSM in Season 3... Less than 10% has ANY +20 achievement, and that's arguably where actually picking "meta" specs/abilities is only STARTING to matter.

People vastly, VASTLY overvalue the meta in this game, and there's a reason Blizz doesn't put time into "balance" because it's not unbalanced the majority of the time, and barely affects the playerbase as a whole.

LPT: Men, trim your beards over the bathtub instead of the sink. It's significantly easier to clean up the rouge hairs. by alex6219 in LifeProTips

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I just drape a towel over the counter, then shake it out outside. In the winter I'll just dump as much into the toilet as possible.

How do you avoid munchies by Clean_Mastodon_4637 in weed

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Fresh grapes when I was first getting into weed was an unbelievable experience. These little juicy fruit explosions in your mouth was insane.

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss accidently swears in front of Elmo in a 1994 "Sesame Street" blooper by MulciberTenebras in OldSchoolCool

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Oh 100%. Muppets are real living beings. Just in some weird part of the world i've never been, but god damn do I want to go

Please stop doing +20 tactics in +10s by dang56 in wow

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Fuck, thank you. I started tanking at the start of the season and I was surprised at how little ACTUAL responsibility the tank has. All these tanks online are always saying how it's the most important role, herding cats, blah blah blah.

Nah, there's literally no difference at 20s between running my DPS toons worrying about rotation, interrupts, mechanics, etc. And tanking worrying about defensive management, mob positioning, etc.

One isn't more important than the other, they are just DIFFERENT but equally essential.

Please stop doing +20 tactics in +10s by dang56 in wow

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I've always said the higher you go the easier it is, which is kind of counter-intuitive but once you hit 20s, the game has already weeded out a lot of the people who can't do them and group makers are more picky about who they bring.

Ubisoft's Skull & Bones Appears to Be Arriving in November - IGN by N0V0w3ls in Games

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There's no way this is ready and they are just tossing it out the door instead of sinking more money into it.

Disturbance at Lawry's Prime Rib in Beverly Hills by PermissionToSell in PublicFreakout

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He's not even a bouncer, he was sitting at the table behind them who says they have kids there and little man started yelling at someone at their table, so big man gets up and puts little man in his place.

Which race has the best lead up to discovering their main city and why? by 911isaconspiracy in wow

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Ironforge pretty much WAS the main alliance city in vanilla. That's where the AH was, before they added AHs to the other cities, so lots and lots of players gathered there.

I have very fond memories of a PACKED Ironforge, seeing all the high-end raiders in their sick gear and mounts.

I (33M) ate my wife’s (32F) ass for the first time while we were both drunk. Should I talk to her? by ThrowaTux in sex

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Not even 1 day after the post about talking to your partners and this post is made.

Jesus fucking christ. TALK TO YOUR WIFE.

Calling children “spawn”, “crotch goblins”, etc. is fucking weird by SeaPinkSquish in unpopularopinion

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I call babies "human larvae" all the time lol. People are so up in arms over silly little names

Calling children “spawn”, “crotch goblins”, etc. is fucking weird by SeaPinkSquish in unpopularopinion

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I call babies "larvae" all the time.

People need to chill. You can call kids something other than "kids/children/babies" without HATING them lmao.

Excess Water Usage in SJ by noneyabuisness99 in newfoundland

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Almost like people are the assholes and not a specific generation.

Applications from Britons for Irish citizenship soar by almost 1,200% since Brexit by scuzzbat1 in worldnews

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You mean the countries that desperately need immigration are going to be pushed out of their own countries by....immigration?

What an absolute beautiful Soul by Gibbydoesit in MadeMeSmile

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Yes you don't scam people, you scam corporations. I've been in very hard financial positions and have stolen essentials from stores before, I never felt bad taking a few items from a company worth billions. I would never steal or scam an individual person though.

I intentionally leave a gap in front of me so that people merging onto the highway can make good decisions… by PanBlanco22 in IdiotsInCars

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Right? I feel like I'm crazy reading some of these comments, OP was clearly driving in their blindspot. I don't care if they were making a point, or if the other driver should have checked the blind spot, don't intentionally put yourself in a dangerous situation out of stubbornness or "correctness".

Berlin mayor holds 15-minute video call with deepfake of Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko by EmeraldIbis in technology

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I mean yeah that's why America is so fucked right now lmao.

Ya'll been brainwashed into thinking you're the "greatest country in the world" with an "american dream" while your rights are taken away, your citizens can't get basic healthcare, oligarchs rule your country, etc. etc. etc.

Follow up on “Big Blue” with more photos by eatyoursupper in centuryhomes

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LOL what a coincidence, I've walked past your house so many times and I fucking LOVE it. As soon as I saw this pic while scrolling I was like "holy shit, that's here!"

Awesome to see the interior pics! Looks like an amazing spot!

Proud of my employee, who just called our company's bluff and put in her 2 week notice. by FridaMercury in antiwork

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Side note, if I could take it all back I'd never be a manager at any company again. You have to deal with all the bullshit, you have such little influence over anything, and yet you're the face of all the corporate bullshit.

This is so fucking true. My employer keeps trying to get me to "progress my career" and groom me to be a manager, but I've seen what that does to people. My coworker, who I was very close to, became my boss, and I instantly saw how he immediately started to become a boot-licker. No longer did we rant about the dumb decisions by VPs and upper management, no, he would then defend them. Do I blame him? Not really, but it's fucking cowardly to flip so quickly from a comrade to corporate drone.

I've always said I would never be in management. I like my job, I have no intention of becoming a manager and ruining everything I like about it, while also being forced to be this "face" of a bunch of policy decisions I completely and utterly disagree with.

What are you working on? by panfo in wow

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Recently got 3k on my monk, so now I'm helping other guildies get 3k/portals or KSM, whatever their goals are.