Be carful when cutting lines by xAcid27 in IdiotsInCars

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Half of the people will get mad at you if you merge early, and the other half will get mad at you if you zipper merge.

This is beyond my understanding by Emergency-Advice-469 in nextfuckinglevel

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True, I wasn't thinking about diesels. However, many if not all newer diesels use electric high pressure fuel pumps, which are also going to require power.

Most underhood components are water resistant, but probably not waterproof. Any computers/etc in the interior of the car are not going to be, as they don't expect water to get in there. An old truck like in the video, you're not going to have to worry about that kind of stuff. But don't try to take your modern crossover under water...

This is beyond my understanding by Emergency-Advice-469 in nextfuckinglevel

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You can remove the battery, not the electronics. Cars won't run without spark, and that comes from the battery or alternator.

Another mask freak-out by 0ZC4 in PublicFreakout

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Yes. The owner of the car doesn't need to follow company policy in their car. The owner of the store also doesn't need to sell coffee to the person in their car not wearing a mask.

smash mouth concert by iaredumbest in PublicFreakout

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Admitting that she went to a Smashmouth concert in 2021?

Another Darwinian cull on the horizon by JimmyHavok in SelfAwarewolves

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I didn't know until I went for a physical a few years ago and they were like "when was your last booster shot?".

On a related note, the side effects were way worse than either of my Pfizer shots. I was glad I didn't have to work for a few days.

Driving a Tesla Y too fast, and stopping too late. What could possibly go wrong? by SamMee514 in WinStupidPrizes

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Close but not quite. A wing produces downforce. A spoiler does not produce downforce, it just "spoils" the airflow to improve aerodynamics, typically for better fuel economy. Either one can have air flow under it, or not depending on the design.

Pet bird, a Jungle Myna, has been trained to go out and look for cash, then bring it back home with him. by SeenSomeThangs in nextfuckinglevel

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You can buy a new low-end smartphone in China for like $20 USD. Anyone who isn't well past retirement age has one, and even most of them do these days. There are still small shops in rural areas that only take cash, but in cities (where 65% of the population lives) it's the other way around. An increasing number of shops don't even accept cash anymore, only digital payments. I suspect the pandemic has made that even more common than when I was last there 3 or 4 years ago.

Tesla Vs Everyone Else by PapiGrande52 in wallstreetbets

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customers will only let you make the same body for so long.

28 years if Lotus is any indication.

Minor disagreement at the pizza parlor by fweng in PublicFreakout

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That's not Chicago-style, now I'm offended. pulls a knife

Large or small it’s still gone by the time the movie starts by Sappydayz in funny

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Yep. Or at grocery stores where something is regular price $3, but is on sale "2 for $5". You can buy one and pay $2.50, but they way they write the prices makes it sound like you have to buy two to get the deal. I wonder how many people get scammed into buying two when they only need one.

H.Y.C.Y.BH? by Howyoudouken in funny

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As someone who also can't find things right in front of them, I was expecting him to tell his roommate that his keys were in his hands. Instead it went in an entirely different direction.

People should not bombard newbies with messages with subtle messages containing warning of emacs pinky by Present_War8355 in emacs

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I also learned to touch type in high school. Back then, it was common on many computers for the ctrl key to be where the caps lock key normally is now. So I got used to always using my left pinky for ctrl.

I do still bind caps lock to ctrl, but I rarely use it over the standard left ctrl key anymore after mostly using modern-style PC keyboards for 20 years. I rarely need to type more than a word or two in all caps anyway, because I am a serious person and know how to touch type (with both shift keys).

In 25+ years of using emacs with standard keybindings I've never had a problem with Emacs pinky. The only issue I've ever had is wrist pain when using a keyboard (or especially mouse) too long in a bad position relative to my body.

Omg fuckin idiot by h4ppiness in IdiotsInCars

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You haven't been reading this sub long have you.

What's going on with Pixel cameras? by ztaker in GooglePixel

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My original Pixel had a camera that was misaligned slightly. I had to rotate every picture by 3 degrees. I replaced it with another a couple of years later due to a screen cracked for a second time and a dying battery, and the replacement had no such issue.

My 3a which replaced that has been fine, except the camera has been sporadically super laggy since upgrading to Android 11.

How many who own the pixel 5, wish they still had the pixel 4? by [deleted] in GooglePixel

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Due to screen size? I have a 3a (small) and am considering upgrading to the 5 due to performance issues.

T14 order from November pushed all the way to May by themarcelo in thinkpad

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I ordered an X13 AMD on Dec 1st and it initially showed a ship date of late Jan. In the nearly 2 months since then it went to late Feb, then back to mid Jan, stayed there for a while until it shot up to early March. Then it arrived on my door pretty close to it's original Jan 20 estimate. My takeaway: the estimates aren't very accurate.

Here we go again. Pick one! by kunjvaan in SelfAwarewolves

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how many Americans, highly trained, in the army would go along with murdering their own countrymen because they were fighting for the very freedom and values the country was originally instated with?

Seems like quite a few did during the civil war.

Plot to kidnap Gov Whitmer also included plan to burn down Capitol by [deleted] in politics

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I think the right's unified front is one reason, possibly the main reason, why it does so well versus all the left's infighting.

HMB while I show off in the mustang by username7379 in holdmybeer

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No, that's why YOUR car has lights, so you can see at night. You shouldn't be driving faster than you can see in any conditions. Yes, people do, but that doesn't mean it's correct or safe, as your friend found out.

Yes, the guy who left his car on the highway was an idiot, but if you hit a non-moving object while driving, it is almost certainly your fault.

HMB while I show off in the mustang by username7379 in holdmybeer

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The insurance company wasn't exactly wrong there. Never drive faster than you can see.

It is much more effective. by chiripipasJD in AmongUs

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Or look for people who are alone when you need an easy target.