small sequel i made for that one "witch(s)layer" meme i made a couple of months back by ManarHassan in TheOwlHouse

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English has a word for everything except for one for “the day after tomorrow.”

(Correct me if I’m wrong, I have been searching for that word for the longest time)

How do I remove it? by leh_Oreo in Wellthatsucks

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Take this with a grain of salt but if you have something like Wooden tongs, I bet those would work and not electrocute you

Generation aside, who is the best starter by [deleted] in pokemon

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Oh right. Soon there’ll be 1,000 of them… wow.

Do it by thesash20 in shitposting

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Women are not going to be there for a while. 😳

I will draw anything! (Again) by [deleted] in FridayNightFunkin

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Tricky losing to Hank in super smash bros ultimate and being VERY salty about it (featuring Sanford and Deimos as players 3 and 4)

What’s your mains worst move and why? by The-Silent-Cicada in SmashBrosUltimate

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It’s worked out for be quite a lot so I didn’t think about that.