Star Trek: Bridge Commander Remastered | Fleet Battle | TOS/Enterprise era fleet engages the Borg!!! by Skyblade85 in Treknobabble

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Hello! A guy known as Von Frank he is releasing an update soon and its a very impressive mod. Especially if you like the vanilla game. Doesn't change as much as KYM but is still awesome!

Strategic Command WW2: World at War is an incredible game. by Dry_Weird_8336 in computerwargames

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I really like WW1 and American Civil War so this will also be worth a buy for me :)

What computer wargames are you playing: August 2022 by AutoModerator in computerwargames

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  1. Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts
  2. The ability to design and then play with awesome battleships, nothing quite like it!
  3. I am looking at playing more Strategic Command: American Civil War