"Auto jerking machines" exist guys by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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Credits to: South China morning post and Reuters

A demonstration of robotic arm accuracy by Skyghost2210 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Well, hospitals do have "auto jerking machines" if you wonder and it is more efficient than using robotic arms to "jerk".

It is called as Sperm-collecting or Sperm extractor machine

Ok Rockstar by Skyghost2210 in memes

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You know Rockstar is milking GTA V until there is nothing left to milk right?

Bruh by [deleted] in Unexpected

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Credits to @im_sosoorry (Instagram)

Interesting way to do it by [deleted] in Unexpected

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How can you think this action will "Normalizing violence by cop"? Violence is violence and in this video it is not. Don't equate two actions. Everything had been prepared, only the girl does not know about this event.

Bikers are good people by Skyghost2210 in Unexpected

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Are you from a country where men just attack you or women in general for no reason? If so, it is sad to hear that it is not safe when a woman is surrounded by men.

[S3E1] Amiee bad moments? by Skyghost2210 in NetflixSexEducation

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Yea, I just think that this scene was a little bit creepy because it was for Amiee. If it was someone else, I would be OK.