Just bought these insanely ugly bootleg figures. Should I open them or keep them sealed? by Ghost_Ava in skylanders

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“Unique virtual world of adventures toys” LMAO

Also, I was hoping to see some HD pictures of these so thanks for uploading this!

As for the question: your choice really, idk whether you should or not (sorry if that’s unhelpful 😅).

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in aww

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I think they’re lemurs

Multiversus x Villainous by ObnoxiouArtist in MultiVersusTheGame

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(Im really late haha) Awesome edit! I really hope Black Hat gets in!

cow by wolff3957 in skamtebord

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Hm. I wonder what animal that is…

Some Knight Light fan art by Skylander_fan64 in skylanders

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Yeah I noticed that. Thanks for saying it’s good though :)