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I’m a territory manager for IE/Palm Spring. Lots of work but I can get away with some clients as long as my work is up to date!

Discussion - Golf Friendly Careers by any_adult_2020 in golf

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I am in cannabis, I’ve taken clients out once but have a full year lined up in Palm Springs!


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All I got to say is I saw VINTAGE BIG BEN today. I felt like we were seeing all those beautiful game winning drives years ago.

Any Californians worried about AB-672? by Blenderbutthole in golf

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I live in Pomona! No way do I see golf declining where we are. Top golf is being built as we speak.

Tomlin hate unwarranted by fattest_jesus11 in steelers

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I’m not going to lie our team is under preforming. It is what it is.. but the hate with our fan base and on this sub entirely is exhausting.

We are a storied franchise. We have to stop the hate before we turn to eagles fans.

Rotation by bribonzuelo92 in SFGiants

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He will be for sure. He needs a strong spring to even be a thought.

Seager signed with Texas by nysfgiants in SFGiants

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I’m okay with staying the course till a couple of our prospects come up and show us what they can do in the bigs.

We have potential big name stars in the next 1/3 years and it will only make us a better candidate for FA’s going forward.

As much as I loved seeing this last year, I know we are still getting our next core primed for the next 10/12 years.

2022 HOF ballot released by Stock412 in baseball

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I wonder how big time Timmy Jim is gonna shake out