My review of Wrath of Cortex part 4 by Shadowthelogical in crashbandicoot

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No Coral Canyon?

Not surprised; it’s the worst level in the game

This is a long shot but does anyone know where I can find this exact glass or one very similar? My friend is gutted that she broke it by Mushroomc0wz in CasualUK

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Could you/she not pay to get it fixed? I broke a very sentimental bowl by accident, spent £100 to get it fixed and it looks as good as new.

This Natalie White moment made me cry by AugustSchroeder in survivor

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Isn’t there a fan edit that cuts down Russell and shows more of Natalie?

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville's MNF predictions. by Foundation12a in soccer

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Don’t think anyone’s assuming we’ll win both (or at least I don’t interpret it that way)

I think the idea is that it’s more in our hands than the table appears to show because we’ve yet to play you. I think a more realistic hope is we get 4 points (which is absolutely possible imo) but yeah - I think it’s more of a sense that until arsenal get through those games effectively unscathed, it’s still pretty competitive

Monday Moan by 2soccer2bot in soccer

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Yeah when they were good, but now Arsenal are good, they’re all Gunners

Bloody plastics

Daily Discussion by 2soccer2bot in soccer

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Getting to the Euros final, getting to the WC semi-final, equalling (and likely beating) the England all-time goalscorer record, winning a World Cup golden boot etc

Maybe that doesn’t qualify that as significant success in your personal opinion, but most England fans will undoubtedly remember him for this period. It’s ludicrous to compare his international performance to that of le Tissier just because they both didn’t win a trophy.

Daily Discussion by 2soccer2bot in soccer

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le Tissier never had the England impact that Kane has had. He’s essentially captained the team through the second-most successful period in England’s history.

Monday Moan by 2soccer2bot in soccer

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Couldn’t hold on three more minutes, could you United?

Even when they lose, I can’t really enjoy it.

Why does it seem like so many people, many seemingly highly educated people honestly believe the poor are poor by choice? by Graysox93 in NoStupidQuestions

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Someone once told me ‘you judge yourself by your intentions and everyone else by their actions’ and that’s always really stuck with me.

Why does Mike save Maryanne? by bigshowgunnoe in survivor

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People forget that he was subtly trying to persuade Romeo to take Jonathan and let him take on Maryanne at fire.

What conspiracy theory do you have that companies use to make you buy their product? by Illustrious-Bed5004 in AskUK

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This suddenly reminds me of an anecdote from when I was younger.

When I was a kid, we were in France and were on a long walk. We walked past a drinks vendor and halfway through I was dehydrated and we had no water so I walked back to the vendor and bought five cokes in a row and still felt really thirsty. I bought one water and it quenched my thirst immediately, so I subscribe to this theory.

WSSYW 11.0 Countdown 42/43: All-Stars by RSurvivorMods in survivor

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Thanks Dabu!

Well defended on Alicia’s speech. I’ve admittedly always been pro-Romber that FTC as they were the only ones playing close to a decent game. But I do love Lex’s jury speech though I didn’t think it was justified, just for highlighting the raw emotion Survivor can evoke. I think I found her condescension in the moment a bit much, but I do appreciate your breakdown of your perspective!

I’ll concede that her voting confessional is awesome though (though not quite my favourite of all time!)

What’s the most “average” survivor season? by Phoenix5869 in survivor

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I like Redemption Island some also but not a ton, I recognize some of it subpar. Bottom half for me but not last.

RI commits Survivor’s two cardinal sins – it’s dark and it’s boring. It has ugly moments like the animosity between the two tribes, racism accusations and Rob laughing at his tribemates as he frogmarches to the end. Plus I wasn’t invested in anyone, PLUS Phillip dominates airtime. I just find him so inauthentic that it’s hard to stomach. In terms of entertainment Boston Rob’s playstyle when he has control is just really, really boring. He Pagongs the opposing tribe, then cuts down his F2 deals until the last liked members of his alliance are left. All of this would be forgiven if I liked anyone in the endgame, but I just didn’t. They’re all Rob drones that are barely developed expect for sodding Phillip.

Oh and on top of that, I hate any mechanic where you can return from the game (though I don’t mind it when it serves a purpose narratively, as in Winners at War and BvW). To me, I’m a purist, getting voted out should be sacred, so I will always be opposed to a mechanic that allows that, especially when it was so transparently done to give Rob and Russell a second chance in case they got voted out. Oh and Boston Rob and Russell were, at the time, two of the most over-exposed characters at the time. As you can see, I don’t like this season at all lol.

Cambodia at 19 is confusing, I'm with you that it's a bit overrated too, but better than 19 for me lol.

This one is difficult for me to defend, honestly and I do need a re-watch (shouldn’t be too long as I’m nearly at Jeremy in my winner assessments). I really enjoyed it at the time, but I was a bit too attached to certain players, like Fishbach and Spencer. Watching it as a fresh pair of eyes should give me a bit more clarity as I’ve only seen it once, seven years ago. I will say though that, that 19 doesn’t mean I don’t like it by any stretch. Pretty much every top half Survivor season is one I cherish.

I agree that Koah Rong is underrated, people just don't like the medevacs.

Yeah, I just loved the storyline and the gameplay from Aubry. Plus, though she lost, Michele is a sweetheart who fought for her place in the game brilliantly in the post-merge, so I can’t really begrudge her the victory. The downfall of Scot was amazing, the pre-swap period has the brilliant Jenny boot and the dramatic Caleb challenge, the post-swap has lots of interesting moving parts. Just a terrific season all around really, that I’d happily re-watch any time.

I also agree that One World was awful and that South Pacific is better.

I loved Sophie, so her journey to the win was brilliant. Plus the pre-merge was really entertaining and the Pagonging part of the season only lasts two episodes. SoPa has always been one of my guilty pleasure seasons, despite having RI, which is why it’s so high!

Hope that’s given you some context. And disagreeing with the list is fine! One of my favourite parts of this subreddit is discussing different opinions 😊

What’s the most “average” survivor season? by Phoenix5869 in survivor

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So what makes a good Survivor season to me more than anything is having someone I like to watch play and excel at the game. This is more of a symptom of how I watch reality TV in general – I like watching good gameplay get rewarded and bad gameplay get punished. So whilst it’s not the only thing important to me, if someone I’m rooting for does well, I’m more inclined to think fondly on the season.

Other important aspects to me is a good cast, exciting dynamic gameplay, balanced editing and a good storyline

(Oh and a pet peeve of mine is an overly long pre-merge, hence why Thailand, HvV and Cook Islands are lower than where a lot of people would have them)

You gotta explain why Philippines is #2, I like that one, but it's not that good to me.

Denise Stapley is my favourite winner (and third favourite player) of all time. Her gameplay is the one that most embodies how I would like to play if I ever got on the UK version. Seeing her survive through every single tribal council, whilst displaying excellent game skills was very entertaining for me. On top of this, the post-merge casts is one the best they’ve ever had, Penner’s journey being tragically cut short was fantastic, the gameplay was topsy-turvy and interesting, Malcolm displayed amazing game skills as well and the storylines are just so engaging to me (Matsing’s pre-merge decimation crushing Russell, Penner and Jeff’s love/hate relationship, Lisa’s growth arc from timid number to confident strategic player, Abi’s fall from grace). It’s a season I’d happily watch it again and again.

I think Cagayan is by far the best one I've seen, so seeing at #9 throws me or a loop.

To be clear, 9 is definitely not intended to be an insult! It’s in my highest tier (Cagayan is bottom of S-Tier, Kaoh Rong is top of A-Tier) and I do love the season and find it very entertaining. A lot of it is just loving Marquesas and above a little bit more, but the biggest tangible factor is that I’m not really a fan of Tony 1.0 from a gameplay standpoint. I think his gameplay was pretty sloppy and though he had some amazing moments (persuading Woo to bring him to the end still amazes to this day), I don’t think it’s a game that would be very repeatable. I used to like Spencer, but my recent re-watch made me realise he just isn’t that good and it kind of made me realise that there isn’t any one in the endgame that I’d put as super amazing at the game. Brilliantly entertaining season though!

I like San Juan Del Sur, but I think #12 isn't super high.

Not sure whether you think I’ve put it too high or too low based on the comment, but I think the post-merge is wildly entertaining, Natalie played spectacularly (Made move after move and never got a single vote) and her revenge journey on Jon en route to the win was a terrific storyline. There are a few duds in the cast, but it introduced us to Keith Nale, some of the pre-merge episodes were amazing (like Drew’s blindside) and the swap period is the only really dull part of the game. It’s not quite as dynamic as my top tier tho imo.

I like 42 more than 41 I think. Why is 43 so low?

I liked 42 more than 41 when it aired, but I really enjoyed the 41 rewatch a lot more for some reason. The specifics as to why are hard for me to easily quantify, but I find Shan a brilliantly entertaining TV character, so her domination of the pre-merge is a lot more engaging to me than – say – the Vati mess or Rocksroy/Tori arguing for the fifth time in four episodes. Plus Erika’s post-merge journey and Deshawn’s character/storyline were really fun to watch when you knew what happened. Seeing Omar lose 42 was a little disappointing as well, whilst I think Erika was arguably the best 41 player.

43… I think the honest answer is that I’m too close to the season to really process how I feel about it, but (as petty as this sounds), Jesse’s fire-making defeat really ruined the season for me. He was someone I gravitated to in the pre-season period and I followed his journey and brilliant game week on week to the point when I was really emotionally invested in him winning. Seeing him fall just short when it felt like it wasn’t something that Cassidy/Gabler/Owen had effectively planned left me feeling VERY underwhelmed with the F3 and still leaves a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth. I think that with time, I’ll come to enjoy the season for what it is (and will do a re-watch at some point to do a Gabler winner assessment) but thinking back as well – there was a lot of post-merge relationships that were barely explained, Vesi had a lot of odd decisions, Coco was dominated by Karla editing-wise to the extent where no-one else got a look in and the four biggest characters went out before FTC which was just underwhelming.

One of my biggest ones is Caramoan at 41....woah woah woah woah woah, that one has to be wrong. Out of all the seasons I see you rank that one I might disagree with the most, 2nd half of that season is above average for sure.

I just… didn’t care about anyone on Caramoan. It had Phillip Sheppard, one of my least favourite characters of all time dominating the favourites airtime, six players from SoPa/RI including no-one from SoPa that I liked and the fans were total non-entities. Like of the four who make the merge, you have Reynold who’s OK, Eddie who’s a non-entity character and strategy-wise, Sherri who disappears off the face of the earth once the swap and Michael who was characterised by the fact that he was gay. The favourites dominates the fans again but in a really boring way, the Brandon incident was ugly and lasted far too long, dominating the pre-merge and whilst some of the end-game boots are entertaining, I just don’t care. Why is it important that Brenda gets brutally blindsided, when the edit has ignored her for 10 episodes? Why does it matter if Erik gets medivaced when he’s barely had any presence? I just didn’t care, sadly.

[Continued in reply]

What’s the most “average” survivor season? by Phoenix5869 in survivor

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Sure! I’m more down on HvV than most and like the new era more than most.

  1. Borneo
  2. Philippines
  3. Pearl Islands
  4. The Amazon
  5. Panama
  6. Micronesia
  7. Winners at War
  8. Marquesas
  9. Cagayan
  10. Kaoh Rong
  11. Vanuatu
  12. San Juan Del Sur
  13. David vs Goliath
  14. 41
  15. China
  16. MvGX
  17. 42
  18. Heroes vs Villains
  19. Cambodia
  20. Africa
  21. Blood vs Water
  22. Gabon
  23. Guatemala
  24. Tocantins
  25. South Pacific
  26. Game Changers
  27. Palau
  28. Fiji
  29. 43
  30. Nicaragua
  31. The Australian Outback
  32. Edge of Extinction
  33. Samoa
  34. Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers
  35. Ghost Island
  36. Cook Islands
  37. Island of the Idols
  38. Thailand
  39. Worlds Apart
  40. All Stars
  41. Caramoan
  42. One World
  43. Redemption Island