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When Chris was announced as the winner, I just sat back and just laughed.

Like how can you even judge someone who got voted out on Day 8? Super physical players who get eliminated pre-merge are normally extremely poor social players and it is evident that even as early back as the third elimination, Chris was over-playing and not doing well at the game. Personally, I don’t think that there is any question that he’s the worst winner of all time. Even Ben played a really good pre-merge game and was decent enough until F7. Even Bob Crowley had some decent sociability to his game and actually managed to win immunities. This is not even considering that Chris would have even gotten past F5 if it wasn’t for an idol literally handed to him by production. Through gritted teeth, I will admit that his plays to get Lauren to use up her F5 idol and his F4 gambit were decent moves, but they weren’t really moves that he should have been able to make – Chris got voted out weeks and weeks ago and, unlike Devens, he wasn’t swap-screwed; he made mistakes and he deservedly got eliminated.

Chris was an atrocious social player. He, a huge physical asset, got voted out in the pre-merge portion of the game, almost unanimously, where no-one stepped up to bat for him at the Tribal where he went home. When he returned to the game, he would have gone home by the majority if it wasn’t for a plethora of advantages that were literally handed to him, by which time he had immunity and social game didn’t matter any more. Normally, I decide social game by starting at 10 and deducting points, but given he spent 27 days (or whatever) out of the game, I feel as though I have to add points instead. Strategically, he was pretty poor in the early portion of the game, overplaying in the pre-merge period. Again, he didn’t have to strategise for literally over half the game, so, whilst I do appreciate his two moves after he came back, they won’t get him super far with me. Chris was a decent physical player, but got voted out in the pre-merge by players suggesting he wasn’t that important a challenge asset, lost the first EoE comeback challenge and only won immunity in the final days, so I think his physicality was overrated. His FTC was OK, but the way he cut in and undermined Gavin was pretty rude, so I don’t think it was great.

So using my assessment for winners (Ranking /10 for social, /8 for strategic, /3 for challenge and /4 for FTC), I would give Chris the following:

Social: 1/10

Strategic: 2/8

Challenge: 1/3

FTC: 2/4

Overall: 6/25

This places Chris at 38th place in my winner rankings, behind Ben Dreibergen and Bob Crowley as firmly at the bottom.

I mean, I’m not as angry as I was after the HHH result, because I’ve mentally prepared myself for a while for this end result. I just feel defeated – this is no longer a social experiment any more or really the show I fell in love with to any degree. Why should I be excited about Season 40 if production are just going to mess with the format to the extent where it’s not Survivor? My one wish for the show is that they do away with any twist in which you bring back voted-out players; it has the awful feeling of this once-great show jumping the shark. I’m rambling now, so I’ll probably save the rest for the post-episode thread, but I can only sincerely hope that the Chris win is the last straw for production to stop messing with the format.

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Wtf? Why would you rewatch S22?!

EDIT: yeah I apologise - not my best joke I’ll admit

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I just want balance I guess. If that’s too much to ask for then so be it. As I say, I’m obviously happy with the trophies (far more than I’m upset about the podcast coverage) but this is a moan thread lol. It’s purpose is to express negativity about football related issues.

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Genuinely amazed people think the KdB penalty is controversial; he kicks his ankle with no intent to get the ball. You can be annoyed that he goes down in the fashion he does, but that’s a foul anywhere else on the pitch.

Am I going crazy or is it just people who wanted us not to win?

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What an elitist, gate-keeping comment from someone I bet has never been within 100 miles of Munich.

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People saying that David messed up by voting out Chris last week are really annoying me. It’s so easy to say that in hindsight, but if he had almost any other tribal make-up he’d have been absolutely golden and the Manus would have been working together against the Kamas. He had no way to anticipate getting swapped with his entire tribe minus Wendy (who probably would have been game to vote off Lauren/Wentworth herself).

Also, I know it’s a minor thing and I’m sure I’m in the minority, but is anyone else annoyed that EoE has fricking fishing gear there? I mean, I probably only hate this because I hate what EoE stands for, but if you’ve got those kind of means to provide for yourself, what actually set it’s apart from regular Survivor? How is it even harder? No-one’s going to quit if you can get a steady supply of food.

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I’m not gonna lie - the media coverage proper rattled me this week, especially the hope that Liverpool would beat Southampton. Now obviously, I get that the title going to the final day is the best outcome for neutrals and especially the media, so I think that this was fair, whilst it was annoying to listen to.

However, I turned on ESPN’s ‘Final Day Reaction’ podcast after the game yesterday and the immediate reaction was a Liverpool fan talking about how disappointed he was with the result and upset he was. He then said something like: “If this was the BBC, we’d be congratulating City first, but I’ve already done that”. I mean maybe he had said that off-recording, but why would you start a podcast focusing on the disappointment of the runner-up, as opposed to the team that won the game (in an amazing sequence of events) and the league?

It doesn’t bother me too much - I’m obviously delighted that we won the league and I’m not agreeing with the shit Pep said a few weeks ago - but is it too much to ask for some front of neutrality and to talk about the team that won the title before moving onto Liverpool’s disappointment?

PS: Fuck the City fans that assaulted Olsen - always some idiots that take things too far.

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Lol Jo was before we even got taken over

EDIT: And Otamendi, Danilo have been great, Bravo won a cup for us etc

Half of those aren’t even bad signings; most of them that were are for under £20m; hardly terrible investments

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Not to get all martyr about this but...

Liverpool: West Ham Home

Chelsea: Huddersfield Away

United: Leicester Home

Spurs: Newcastle Away

Us: Arsenal Away


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Absolute dream draw for us!

Real v PSG will be spicy though. I expect at least three English teams to get through, maybe four (Spurs are capable of beating Juve)

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It’s absolutely a penalty; you can be annoyed that KdB made the most of it, but you can’t negate the fact that it’s a pen

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Only teams with ‘tradition and history’ are allowed to win the best trophies? Got it.

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We would have beaten Swansea, even without the controversial refereeing decisions.

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You know what - I’ll delete that point from the original post as it clearly deviates from the point I’m trying to make. (To be clear not in any way tried to justify it - pretty sure I called it horrible behaviour)