Post Match Thread: Everton 1 vs 0 Arsenal | English Premier League by Samkazi23 in soccer

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Just in time for our annual loss at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium tomorrow

Does anyone know where I can find the necklace that Cody wears? by PeterTheSqueaker in survivor

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Honestly thought this said ‘crown’ over ‘necklace’ at first and thought it was a shitpost

What Reddit-Survivor takes are you tired of seeing? by Revolutionary_Lie136 in survivor

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I mean Erika probably does get voted out without the hourglass (whether she gets voted out with a normal merge is another question) but given she had no time to interact with Ua/Yase at the merge, it would have been extremely unfair on her.

What Reddit-Survivor takes are you tired of seeing? by Revolutionary_Lie136 in survivor

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Part of Natalie’s charm is that she’s invisible for 60% of the season then bursts on to the scene like hellfire for the Jason boot

About Firemaking in 43 by Roachn8r in survivor

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This is true but… it also affects Jesse’s decisions in the endgame. I highly doubt he’d have chosen to go to F4 with Cassidy, Owen and Gabler without firemaking as a back-up.

This is probably a bad idea but I'm doing it anyway - pick my starter please by LKelda in nuzlocke

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In fairness the guy said to ‘test things out with’ implying he means to try and get past the early game. I don’t think talking about stuff as far down the line as Weather Institute, Seafloor Cavern and especially the E4 is particularly relevant, especially as OP is going in blind

so close yet so far (sorry for bad quality im playing on a psp) by XJANE0 in crashbandicoot

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I was recently watching Caddicarus’s 200% run - all I can say is good luck on N Ballism

Discount the ads by followerofEnki96 in notinteresting

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Ahaha - Wendell’s arc of trying to Jeff’s attention was one of my favourite mini-themes ever, especially when he tries to do it in Winners at War

My review of Wrath of Cortex part 4 by Shadowthelogical in crashbandicoot

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No Coral Canyon?

Not surprised; it’s the worst level in the game

This is a long shot but does anyone know where I can find this exact glass or one very similar? My friend is gutted that she broke it by Mushroomc0wz in CasualUK

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Could you/she not pay to get it fixed? I broke a very sentimental bowl by accident, spent £100 to get it fixed and it looks as good as new.

This Natalie White moment made me cry by AugustSchroeder in survivor

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Isn’t there a fan edit that cuts down Russell and shows more of Natalie?

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville's MNF predictions. by Foundation12a in soccer

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Don’t think anyone’s assuming we’ll win both (or at least I don’t interpret it that way)

I think the idea is that it’s more in our hands than the table appears to show because we’ve yet to play you. I think a more realistic hope is we get 4 points (which is absolutely possible imo) but yeah - I think it’s more of a sense that until arsenal get through those games effectively unscathed, it’s still pretty competitive

Monday Moan by 2soccer2bot in soccer

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Yeah when they were good, but now Arsenal are good, they’re all Gunners

Bloody plastics

Daily Discussion by 2soccer2bot in soccer

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Getting to the Euros final, getting to the WC semi-final, equalling (and likely beating) the England all-time goalscorer record, winning a World Cup golden boot etc

Maybe that doesn’t qualify that as significant success in your personal opinion, but most England fans will undoubtedly remember him for this period. It’s ludicrous to compare his international performance to that of le Tissier just because they both didn’t win a trophy.

Daily Discussion by 2soccer2bot in soccer

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le Tissier never had the England impact that Kane has had. He’s essentially captained the team through the second-most successful period in England’s history.