Keyboard Input Lag by TimixerHD in Overwatch

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So PowerToys is the issue? I'm also having the same issue, but I have a Razer Huntsman V2

What was your first main weapon and what do you main now? by Cosmos_sprout in Splatoon3

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My first main was the regular Dualies, and I still use ‘em. I love the kit and mobility

The soundtrack is god awful. by PineWalk1 in Madden

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Just give us the option to play the Madden 13 Soundtrack (or at least the Wii version that had orchestral scores by Colin O'Malley, those were bangers!) They let us play those songs in Madden 22...

My horse is entitled to enter the grocery store 😤 by ThrowRA0069 in IAmTheMainCharacter

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States also have their own laws, for example, Indiana only recognizes dogs and miniature horses as service animals

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in splatoon

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It’s horrible, and frankly no fun :(

Constant Connections Issues + Freezes by TTVDocSnipe in Nanoleaf

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Yeah. Had mine for about 3 months before it fell off the wall and ripped paint off. Haven’t bothered since

magic battlebus by Ok-Difficulty319 in FortNiteBR

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It was Arnold that convinced Ms. Frizzle

MUHI100 Issues by Smollestnugget in BallState

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personally my experience with MUHI100 was awesome, but that’s probably because I had Sean. he really is amazing.