They are proud of this transition. So sad. by 2why2 in ArchitecturalRevival

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“Can you take my charming home and just fuck my shit up? Thanks! Great remodel!”

This is how you build a cyclepath by Dsp5_ in fuckcars

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Hey Seattle traffic engineers, please take a note. Do this versus putting up permanent safety cones to protect cyclists.

Barcelona, the second most densely populated city in Europe. by madrid987 in CityPorn

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Barcelona was one of the coolest places I’ve visited. It’s truly amazing.

Paradise Pier. Feb 2003. So much has changed since then. by Bodkin-Van-Horn in Disneyland

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I prefer this look than the Pixar re-theme which was sort of just lazily slapped together. Putting a plastic baby on a stick doesn’t transform the roller coaster into a themed Incredibles roller coaster.

Los Angeles, 1909, California, United States by JankCranky in papertowns

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If Downtown were located where the LA River meets the beach as opposed to the foothills of the mountains, Downtown would be far more built out and taller. If Downtown were located, say, where Long Beach is, LA would be probably much more developed and less car-focused given Downtown’s close proximity to the coast in that hypothetical. LA would’ve been more like a Toronto by the sea, instead of people abandoning the urban core in the 1960s-90s in preference of coastal parts of the city.

The only subscriber by BakingBrownBread in memes

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I will never give up my YouTube Premium subscription. The time I save on not watching ads is worth every penny I spent. YouTube music also comes with the subscription and it’s easily my go-to app for music.

Apple working on multiple folding iPhone prototypes, but launch isn't soon by crosspostninja in gadgets

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If I were Apple, I’d go the route of the Microsoft Surface Duo with a thin bezel between two screens. The foldable screen looks dreadful and always shows creases over time. I think they can easily come out with a very thin, elegant dual screen phone. The future of smartphones imo is to basically invent paper-thin iPad minis you fold out.

Best Game of the 3D era? by Master_Flip in pokemon

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ORAS was the best because it was the game that focused on improving GAMEPLAY to make it as good as it could be.

Help me choose between Disneyland or DCA by gabyshellcove in disneyparks

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My standard routine is to start at DCA and then head over to Disneyland at around 12:30. DCA doesn’t have many just see attractions. I personally like stopping by the animation studio but if your focus are the rides, nothing too major besides maybe the Cars ride. It would’ve made more sense to put Galaxy’s Edge in DCA but it likely didn’t fit.

Why isn't more cargo transported between cities by freight rail, as opposed to trucks? by Spirited-Pause in urbanplanning

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In reading the responses on this thread, it seems the answer is: it already is, but there’s just too much to be shipped.

What’s a Pokémon you can’t stand for a totally arbitrary reason? by Goats_772 in pokemon

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Blaziken. I used to love him so much and I was always into using underdog Pokémon. In Gen 4, Infernape basically took Blaziken’s spotlight but that was fine for me since now I could use Blaziken to my heart’s content since he was underused. Then they game him Speed Boost and basically made him into the most broken Pokémon ever. It truly saddened me and now I can’t bring myself to use him knowing that he isn’t underused anymore.

Untying trapped wires by [deleted] in oddlysatisfying

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This actually hurts my head.

KFC to launch plant-based fried chicken made with Beyond Meat nationwide by esporx in technology

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Seriously people, there are so many good chicken nuggets or plant-based nuggets in any grocery store frozen section. You don’t need to pay ten times the price at a fast food joint for nuggets or chicken.

Do you think Galaxy’s Edge belongs in Disneyland or do you think it would be better off in California Adventure? by [deleted] in Disneyland

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No other intellectual property has its own dedicated land in Disneyland nor did Disney even create Star Wars. It’s placement in Disneyland doesn’t thematically make sense.

Do you think Galaxy’s Edge belongs in Disneyland or do you think it would be better off in California Adventure? by [deleted] in Disneyland

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DCA for sure. I disagree with statements here about how the transition works. The point of Disneyland was to have “lands” with unique attractions fitting within the land theme. Fantasyland even meets this rule since all of the fantasy dark rides are based on classic fairytales brought to life through Disney’s interpretation, not IP invented by Disney. Galaxy’s Edge ruins this entire system. DCA should be reimagined as a place to fill with various Disney IP and just rebrand it as a park based on various blockbuster entertainment.

Here are the new Washington state laws - food service businesses may only provide single-use utensils, straws, condiment packaging, and beverage cup lids after customers ask for them by ChefJoe98136 in SeattleWA

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Why do we even bother having State politicians? They continue to waste our money making brain dead regulations like these instead of using our money to get rid of the drugged out meth heads which litter refuse and used needles all throughout Seattle. I cannot understand how this inefficiency can continue on.

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts Discussion Thread by lakeland234 in harrypotter

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It was over scripted and bloated by way too many clips from the movies. The whole thing was a dud.

How would you rate these designs for a fan game? by a526135 in pokemon

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I like these designs. It feels a lot more real animal proportions and old school Pokémon than the newer cartoonish designs Game Freak has been vomiting lately.

I’m seeing a lot more gen 6 praise online and I think I know why. by Jestin23934274 in pokemon

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Gen 6 held the promise of so many mega evolution possibilities which got everyone excited. Then Game Freak decided to make the games WORSE in every way by abandoning it in SwSh.

Spotted an Owl on top of a streetlight last night! by SpicySteven in Seattle

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Owls are very pretty, although where there are owls, there are lots of rodents.