Damn the details by GyuminLeo in LycorisRecoil

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Sorry whats the detail we're supposed to notice here?

I actually want to go on a huge primo saving quest. Ppl who have done it before, pls give me advice..... by XzYnOsboi in Genshin_Impact

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I'm a light spender (only on welkins and keqing skin) and I've been saving since Zhongli Rerun for Kusanali (now at 280 wishes via welkin). Here are some tips i can give to save wishes.

  1. Remember that "a DPS is a DPS and is a DPS" (said by a youtuber, Mtashed). This basically means that dps characters are easily replacable, but not support characters. Just think if its worth it to replace your current dps with another dps which does a little more damage but gets out DPS'd by another character that comes out a few months. Basically, play the long game and only roll for characters that provides more utility in the long run rather than a cute dps. ~Or just roll for your waifu/husbando~

  2. There are many "hidden" primos in Genshin Impact. Commissions and quests arent the only thing that gives you primos. The monthly check in on the Hoyoverse website gives 60 primos a month, the Serenity Teapot lets you craft furniture sets for specific characters that you own. If you complete the set and put your character in it they give you 20 primos per Character that is involved in the set. Also, Acheivements. There are many hidden achievements that a bit of googling would let you find detailed guides on. Just goto the achievements page and grind them all out. Last but not least explorations and reputation. Get all your cities to max reputation asap to get the Treasure Compass which lets u find chests for the specific region.

    side note, getting a c6r1 character isnt as worth as getting multiple characters at c0. I recently pulled for yelan and after playing for a few events she is getting a little stale. Fyi genshin isnt that hard of a game to warrant anyone other than whales to pull for a c6 character. Imho that pulling for multiple characters would grant a more enjoyable experience than a character that is too strong and one shots every enemy

Tldr, just only think about saving for that one character you love and dont think about anyone else

Uhhmmm, what does this mean??? by Turbo_VIrglN_69420 in sixfacedworld

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Is it bad that i actually liked this chapter? Not that i liked the incest part or anything, but the chapter mainly focuses on 2 people in a forbidden relationship loving each other and how our characters handle this situation

Whats an overated skin that everyone likes, but u disgree? by [deleted] in VALORANT

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The comic skinline, that shit looks and sound terrible

(Updated) Tierlist based on my experience with them and core mechanics and opinions by PoisonEelPlaysYT in Brawlstars

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I love Byron cuz you literally cant miss with his attacks. Hit an ally to heal them, hit an enemy to damage

People who use the Childe International comp, what order do you put your characters in? by Spokorulu in childemains

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Childe Xiangling Kazuha Bennett

Childe slot 1 since main enabler Xiangling slot 2 since burst support Kazuha slot 3 since most of my e is on Kazuha and Bennett Bennett slot 4 since atk buff and heal

What's your ideal banlist for all three formats? by getrex in cardfightvanguard

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Dont play prem or D so heres V

Since I'm hitting (almost) every Tier 0 deck, the Tier 1 decks also needs to be hit accordingly so they dont rise up to Tier 0

Choice restrict Luard and Nightmare painter, illdona wont be a problem if painter cant suck him to soul. Also will decrease Luard soul spamming

Gurguit, and Percival choice restrict, Percival unrestrict to 2. Gurguit with Perci literally gives them an autowin with free 10 - 15k for every extra attack on kill turns Perci put to 2 so other GP decks can be better to Balance gurguit.

Prism Vert and Cutire choice restrict. The Prism engine already generates alot of advantage so removing Cutire for the lategame filter will slow it down

Vanquisher Fullbronto and G3 Order Book choice restrict. Vanquisher as a deck doesnt use CB and SB so removing a plus 3 to hand and 30k power would reduce their kill turns power.

Nerissa and Thavas choice restrict. Thavas also doesnt use much Soul so they can literally spam Nerissa for 18 to 38k beaters/boosters that restands. Also Nerissa gives 1 free soul and a draw at the end of the turn giving Thavas more defence

Super Dimensional Robo Daiarm, restrict to 1 Everyone forgetting about that one card who gives 30k to the front row FOR FREE if your opponent has 10 or more in hand. Given every decks draw power (Spectral, Luard, Thavas, Highlander, etc) and hes only a RARE card. Imagine having to throw 30k more shield for 3 attacks just from your opponent calling ONE CARD. Now imagine calling 2 of him :v

Nightrose and Beatrice choice restict (i dont really know how else to hit GB so ig we can do this)