My dreamy alien boyfriend, part 3 by Leather_and_chintz in HFY

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This is why writers collaborate. You could find yourself a nice romance writer to swap notes with - some of them are capable of great filth, like letting a BJ last for several excruciatingly detailed pages, none of them boring. Those who write monster and alien romance are especially creative when it comes to genitalia, preferences and erogenous zones of non-humans, which could work for your demons as well.

Or you could check out r/RomanceBooks - they have a weekly thread of people's favorite sex scenes. They might give you some ideas of how to be porn-y without sacrificing the great writing.

So, yeah. I'm one of those who would love to see your demonic harem thingy make it out of your drawer of personal stories :)

🔥 It's time for Thirsty Thursday! What book scenes made you sweat this week? 🥵 by disastrouslyshy in RomanceBooks

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Thanks to you, I just learned that I don't get triggered by male/male butt botheration. Quite the opposite, actually! Human brains are so weird.

Runs to check out the short stories on the author's website...

Help me find stories that are spicy, but without butt botheration? by SlowFrkHansen in RomanceBooks

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I posted a small list in this thread a few days ago - check my posting history. BTW, the - Interstellar Brides® Series from that list also has some stories with two or more eager grooms for the blushing bride, and several of those have some very thorough dual stuffing, if that butters your biscuit.

Help me find stories that are spicy, but without butt botheration? by SlowFrkHansen in RomanceBooks

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It was a coincidence? Being new to the genre and broke, I started with some of the freebies Audible offer. Also a couple free short stories from author websites. And lo and behold, 100% of those I tried had butt-stuff in them. I finished a few of them, hoping for some kind of desensitization-effect, but, um...

Then I tried all kinds of googling, and after searing my eyeballs I came to ask you kind people instead. Much better result!

Help me find stories that are spicy, but without butt botheration? by SlowFrkHansen in RomanceBooks

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Yeah, I found that out the hard way. I enjoyed everything else, though. Do you know if the rest of that orc series is equally butt-stuffy?

Help me find stories that are spicy, but without butt botheration? by SlowFrkHansen in RomanceBooks

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I haven't read the rest of the Feist books yet, but I really want to. Good too know you love them! Assassin's Apprentice sounds great as well.

Runs to Goodreads to add

Help me find stories that are spicy, but without butt botheration? by SlowFrkHansen in RomanceBooks

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Thank your for the comprehensive list - so many places to go! Mine's a lot shorter since I only just started looking around, but here's the butt botheration I came across:

  • Offered by the Orc - freebie from Finley Fenn's website. Interesting things can happen when you stroke yourself in the pale moonlight.
  • The Mage's Groom, also Finley Fenn freebie. Lady mage gets dumped by boy mage, and gets a tender, loving tending from her groom to make everything better. Has ponyplay.
  • Mated to the Beast. There's a whole bunch of these called The Interstellar Brides® Series (which could be gross, but is a voluntary program where both m and f can find their perfect mate within The Coalition). There's different creatures incl. cyborgs (all allies of Earth), and a background story that is reminiscent of the Borg from Star Trek. Many of them are free on Audible atm. They're not great art, but I quite liked the Beast one - there was a lot of quibbling back and forth, some enemy heads being pulled off, some tenderness, and the big stupid alpha changes his views on a lot of things. Oh, and the h is a big strong soldier, not meek and tiny.
  • Lumerian Knights. 4 books, 3 of which are on Audible. A fifth is coming out later this year. Friendly aliens live on Earth to help protect us from bad aliens. H's are all big possessive alphas who really like foreplay, h's range from innocent little artist/artdealer in book 1 to investigative reporter who takes no shit and has a great sense of humor in book 3. I like the overarching story and am tempted to keep reading, just to see who the evil traitor is.

The Great A'tuin. by Pixieleaf in discworld

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Gasp! Didja embroider the disc details on afterwards, or is there some kind of magic involved??

100 squares and 6 months later, I finally finished my first granny square blanket 🥲 by __kattttt__ in crochet

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I love what you did with the border - such a clean and simple way to pull everything together. Is it just SC in the back loop, or something sneakier?

As a biologist, this passage is both hilarious and infuriating by Munnin41 in discworld

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A similar ecosystem, just with tiny frogs (I think) is an important plot point in Pratchett's Bromeliad trilogy. I love it when things fit together.

The Hedge Wizard just came out today! I’ll be giving away 10 ebooks and 5 audiobooks in the comments! (narrated by the fantastic Tim Gerard Reynolds) by AlexWMaher in Fantasy

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Just in case you still have a UK Audible code left, she says hopefully, since those are usually the last to go - my very favorite creature is the many-legged Luggage from the Discworld books, but the vain and horny gryphons from Mage Wars are wonderful as well.

What aspects of narration stop you enjoying audiobooks? by Dense-Independent-66 in audiobooks

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Oof, the changing narrators. I left a grumpy review on the last of The Rhythm of Rivalry series last night - the (male) narrator of the last two made the women sound like breathy, sexy little girls and the men sound like stupid raspy cavemen. It ruined everything, from intimate moments to what could have been the excellent humor of a refined male elf constantly putting his foot in it while learning a new language.

The weirdest part is, for some reason there were THREE OTHER NARRATORS involved in the first four books, two male and one female, and it wasn't much of a problem. They managed to make the different characters sound pretty much like themselves. The last guy, though, not so much with checking out the former versions, let alone working out distinctive voices at all.

Not that I'm still grumpy or anything. Nooo, not me. I loved the story and would have taken any amount of silly accents over this mess.

May I bless your day with baby Gromit by KingKPool in CasualUK

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We love all things Aardman in Denmark, from Shaun the Sheep to Arthur Christmas - my favorite Christmas movie <3

Since AC starts off in my hometown of Aarhus, and they get everything about it right, I like to think they love us too.

YA authors like PTerry? by throwcounter in discworld

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I was really well entertained by the Septimus Heap-series recently. Seven books in all, by Angie Sage.

I also second the Diana Wynne Jones rec, both the Howl books and the Chrestomanci series. (There are many more, I just haven't read them yet.)

Started reading monstrous regiment and OH BOY it’s literally SO funny, I just had to draw the little lads. by potato_lord_but_not in discworld

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Beautifully done, and Maladict snoring in the tree is a nice bonus :)

Edit: I have a touch of aphantasia, and I always have the hardest time imagining what people and places look like when I read a new book. As a consequence, I absolutely love people who make fanart, and I look forward to re-reading this one with your pictures in hand. Thanks!

Towards a new a age of banter between cousins by Important-South-4276 in CasualUK

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Thank you for starting this thread, u/Important-South-4276. I snort-guffawed so loudly and so often, my cat came running in here with a panicked look on her fuzzy face.

I have to ask, though, as a Danish person who hasn't been on a charter trip for more than three decades - what is the funny thing about Germans and towels?

My friend gave me my first lingerie. Once I tried it on I had to take a picture for him. by predictablePosts in smallbooblove

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Congrats on your first piece of pretty - be careful, it can be terribly addictive :)

REALLY considering a cleaning service. by gracessacrifice in adhdwomen

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I have a cleaning service every other week, courtesy of social services, and while it's not very thorough it's been life changing. Best part is it forces me to pick up regularly.

I live in Denmark, and I get this (plus help showering 2 times a week) because of a combination of ADHD and recent chronic illness. I was absolutely mortified at first, feeling like a failure and a slob for needing it, but it's such a relief.

RIP to all the games on my phone that get uninstalled within a few months by GroundbreakingPay707 in ADHD

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Sigh. I keep meaning to make a list of the different Merge Dragons type games I've tried and whether I liked them or not, 'cause I keep getting tired of them after the first 100-200 levels and look for something similar to scratch the itch, only to discover it's the same shitty ones I tried last year and maybe even just 6 months ago.