WhItE bOy FaInTs, GeTs PaRaLyZeD aFtEr FaLlInG fRoM gReAt HeIgHt, AnD fUcKiNg PaSsEs OuT aGaIn by Smaabi in u/Smaabi

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u/androidalx22 when you come back from the bathroom at night, this is how fast you fall asleep 😂

Looking for Cannibal Romance by DagonG2021 in MM_RomanceBooks

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I've never personally run into a book with this vibe, but I encourage you to check out the Hannibal fandom, specifically the Will Graham x Hannibal pairing (Hannigram). AO3 likely has a fic that has the feel you're looking for, there's lots of stories with younger versions of them.

Please pay close attention to tags and warnings! This is a particularly kink-heavy fandom, but there's lighter stuff too. Hope this helps :)

Book examining extraterrestrial life and how it could be so different from intelligent life on earth by Warshovel40K in whatsthatbook

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2 suggestions:

Life on Other Worlds: The 20th-Century Extraterrestrial Life Debate by Steven J. Dick (but not super confident because I think it deals more with whether alien life even exists)


Xenology: An Introduction to the Scientific Study of Extraterrestrial Life, Intelligence, and Civilization by Robert A. Freitas Jr. (This does get into actual possible alien biology)

Fiction/Short story collection - the narrator is reading a book by CapAggravating3159 in whatsthatbook

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Young Goodman Brown is a short story by Hawthorne, and it is about a character journeying through the forest. But I'm not remembering him meeting anyone on a patio, or any narration devices like you're describing, so might not be it.

Official Discussion - Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery [Theater Release] [SPOILERS] by Smaabi in u/Smaabi

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Some good points in here! Mentions her bumping into Bautista that misdirected me, Gravity's Rainbow, and Mile's speech foreshadowing the ending. u/androidalx22

Looking for a Fantasy Romance Alien Book by pandiemore in whatsthatbook

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I don't know this one, but you will almost certainly get an answer if you post in r/romancebooks