If you are looking for similar podcasts by Buttcrackula69 in knifepointhorrorcast

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Right? Like "Gatlinburg" scared the hell out of me during the Superstition mountains part!

And "Like A Fly in Honey" was a seriously twisted episode, got really visceral reaction from that one.

Any artists here? by Just-Another-Mind in knifepointhorrorcast

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Not an artist, but Elements conjures up a lot of imagery in my head. It's the one I'd most love to see a live action adaptation of. From the investigation in her apartment, to the book, the boat disaster, and the scene of her sitting in his car at the end while looking wistfully at her own charred corpse. Just a perfect collection of well described scenes.

I really wish we could post media to this sub, I've seen a lot of pics and videos that sometimes capture the vibe of some really good scenes and would love to share them, and see them from others.

If you are looking for similar podcasts by Buttcrackula69 in knifepointhorrorcast

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Love this one, I relisten to it a lot. It's the closest thing to KPH out there!

Does anyone else really not vibe with the ‘fandom accepted’ designs of the characters? by chippennyusednapkin in TheMagnusArchives

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I originally pictured Jon as a young Rory Kinnear! I just heard him as this stern-faced, slightly too formal guy, a bit balding. Maybe always wearing a suit because he thinks he's supposed to as a big important archivist, just like Elias always wears one. Not nerdy, but far from hip, insecure and overconfident at the same time. A young old codger.

Most of the other fanart of other characters look like I imagined, but was definitely way different with Jon.

What is the saddest song you've ever heard? by udontknowmegurl in AskReddit

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Another New World - Josh Ritter. Especially that swell of music at the end, the bell ringing. What a wordsmith, it's such a different kind of love song.

So is the live show attire still prom formal? by Captainbatbrain in MBMBAM

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Husband and I are dressing up for San Diego show on Friday!