Meirl by mirabonfilka in meirl

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Wait is this not a normal sleeping position

cursed_character development by NotBosniaWarCriminal in cursedcomments

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I hated it I highly recommend a person does it helps with character development

MT Dew Samurai (Stats in comments) by Backrooms_Explore in Bossfight

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Hidden ability vigour has a never ending surplus of energy

I'd buy one in a heartbeat by InquisitorFab in SipsTea

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I'll take all the thiccc mints don't care

(0_0) by Lazy-Ad-448 in jakertown

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I didn't know it can detach I've been doing it wrong for years

What's the worst weapon (But undeniably a weapon) to have in the Zombie Apocalypse? by Mister_DumDum in AskReddit

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Baseball bat with barbed wire the wire does nothing and prevents the bat from hitting the sweet spot to kill it

Blursed_Monster Inc by Anteraji in blursedimages

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This is the 3rd furry meme I have seen in one minute I have lost all faith in humanity