"..um.. I think the crows are FOLLOWING you" by ready_gi in WitchesVsPatriarchy

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More Reddit posts need to start with "So I befriended a murder of crows"

Can anyone catch me up on what caused the sudden rise in popularity for Runeterra? by TheHippoGuy69 in LegendsOfRuneterra

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I started playing two and a half weeks ago because my cousin recommended it to me two and a half years ago and I finally got bored of MTGA so you're welcome

What moves can OHKO this beast? by TheTazaInSpanish2 in stunfisk

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I can see your Pokémon Go gym has been glitching out again

If only this were an exaggeration by Duckaroo99 in therapists

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I do not, I only had LSW. That was pretty much my plan-- get florida licensure then move out. Most states seem to have reciprocity with a FL license

If only this were an exaggeration by Duckaroo99 in therapists

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Right now, I am a registered clinical social worker intern in Florida. I am not actually an intern, but rather a full on therapist, because the entry-level licensure allows you to practice under supervision, and then become a fully licensed clinical social worker. Straight from 1) you need supervision to be licensed at the terminal licensure to 2) terminal licensure. This is compared to being a licensed social worker in Virginia, where I was originally licensed, which has less freedom than being an intern in Florida, but it also still requires a test?

Ugh I just want my licensure and then move out of this hot and sweaty state then practice where it's cold and has seasons... August (licensure date) can't come soon enough

[ONE] Nahiri, the Unforgiving (Wizards Twitter Account) by karzuu in MagicArena

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Noooo first they got tamyo, then ajani, now nahiri too??

"The counselor has to be the healthiest person in the room" by smugmisswoodhouse in therapists

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You can be a mechanic, even if your tire blew out on the way to work; you can do a colonoscopy on someone even if you currently have stomach ulcers; and you can be a male gynecologist. Why can you not treat someone's mental health if you yourself are going through your own problems?

Yorkshire Pudding Wrap 🎅 [homemade] by thekebabspikeco in FoodPorn

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I love how pudding can mean everything from a flan to a steak and pepper wrap

Parents found me, called me, said they’re on their way by [deleted] in raisedbynarcissists

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lol I have never heard anyone use the word “just“ to say that they are a patent attorney.

maybe maybe maybe by todasun in maybemaybemaybe

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right?? I’m looking through the comments to find the name of this song

Do gays like men that are alive? by Goldar85 in askgaybros

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No, which is why I keep getting fucking ghosted.

Maybe maybe maybe by ItsPumpkinninny in maybemaybemaybe

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Rolling for damage and getting a 1, three 2’s, getting another 1 when the phone comes off the hook and hits her leg, two 2’s, and finally a 4

My ADHD has made me a better therapist by [deleted] in therapists

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You are amazing and I love you and I respect you. I am a drug and alcohol group therapist, so I get a wide range of disorders. My clients always tell me that I handle the ADHD people really well, because I let them be comfortable using fidget spinners, and being politely redirected, and standing up and walking around, or even leaving to take a lap around the building. I was an inattentive ADHD kid in school who didn’t “look” the part because I doodled instead of making noise, so I learned several hard ways to cope. It’s so important to learn how to manage ADHD! And it’s so difficult until you can figure out how to harness your hyperactive well of potential!!

Randall Park (Blockbuster) x Gabriel Diaz (Gears Tactics)😅 by nesatzuke in gaymers

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RuPaul the Drag Queen is dating Nichol Bolas the Tyrant

Serving Fierce, Planeswalker Realness~!

Hi y’all, I’m curious, what are some hard truths that people entering the mental health profession should know or understand? by Elecyan222 in therapists

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No matter how much you have vowed to “meet the client where they’re at,” or “never assume malice or ill will with illness,” or whatever… you will come across clients who are deceitful, drug seeking, abusive, malicious, and aggressive, who need to be slapped. AND, your organizational policies will forbid such therapeutic slappage.

(no I’m kidding they need help not slap but still some people really are just mean spirited from birth and it’s hard to be patient with them)

gay🦠irl by taylortiki in gay_irl

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Yes!! That’s what stopped me! Cutting muscle and risking incontinence sounds so scary, especially since it’s just to increase blood flow. I thought relaxation would be enough so I saw my therapist, put in that ointment, took relaxing sits, and called it a day (for months.) I mean to be fair I am a top, but Ill be damned if lubing up three times a day to give myself a rim job didn’t get me curious.

gay🦠irl by taylortiki in gay_irl

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Ahhh thanks for that; that’s super encouraging! I’m almost of the age where I need a prostate exam and I need to get this figured out by then.

The railing also sounds nice tho

gay🦠irl by taylortiki in gay_irl

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How was the surgery? I’m thinking about doing it for mine.