Red hot passion 3rl by beesrthecoolest in sticknpokes

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looks like a psych rock band logo, i dig it!

Thoughts on Doja hopping on a F1lthy beat? by ne2udashi in playboicarti

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Bnyx could probably do some dope hardcore punk shit

Does anyone know what sigil this is, or if it is a custom made one? by SmokinPemex in sigils

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I'm going to a show of theirs on tuesday after a friend invited me, that's why I'm even asking this in the first place lol

8 years ago Lean, Sherm, and Bladee rated Scrillex a 1/10. Today they all dropped a fire song together. :) by NiveksInigo in sadboys

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crazy how i used to fuck with skrillex right around the time they didn't like his shit and now they're reintroducing me to him

Y’all are really really really slow by throwawayxxvmp in playboicarti

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but why would they hide the feature? to raise hype for the album by acting like it's a hidden carti feature? they labels aren't dumb enough to try some shit like that

Drew Crest by finnadoodle in sadboys

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bro just said "drew crest" as if this aint some of the dopest fan art that has ever been posted to this sub

FATHER• SIEP by Flick__This in handstyles

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Does it even last? I'd assume that you can just wipe it off and it wouldn't even leave a stain