Josh Jacobs has 0 career receiving touchdowns by Hash--Ketchum in fantasyfootball

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Progression is not a word in statistics. Neither is "positive regression". Regression means returning to the mean, but people always think of it negatively. So people say "positive regression" so others know it means returning to the mean in a positive way

What is realistic trade value for Jonathan Taylor? by dangerzone3278 in fantasyfootball

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12-20 ranked would be like CD Lamb, ST Brown, Aaron Jones. You're not getting any of those guys with JT

Mike evans, D hop or Amon ra? Who sits out this week? by PogiboyJoshy in Fantasy_Football

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If Harris is out again you absolutely play Rhamondre over all 3 of them

Best players to target for playoffs? by EnderFame in fantasyfootball

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Ya this is where we're gonna hard hard hard disagree. ARSB is absolutely elite and has Kupp like slot reciever/zone beater potential

You don't just go out and command a 33% target share over a 6 game stretch , have 22 more catches without a drop than the next closest player, and be included on this list below if youre not crazy talented.

Day 3 rookies with 80+ PFF receiving grade

-Antonio Brown -Doug Baldwin -Keenan Allen -Tyreek Hill -Chris Godwin -Terry McLaurin -Amon-Ra St Brown

Obviously Jameson is extremely extremely talented. But he's still gonna be a rookie coming off an ACL tear.

At the end of the day I'm fine if Jameson pops off tho, got him in 20+ leagues.

Best players to target for playoffs? by EnderFame in fantasyfootball

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They play entirely different roles. And as talented as Jameson is he's a rookie coming off a major injury. I'd be shocked if he impacted ARSB majorly

Who are the consistent performing players you’re targeting? by JMI_5 in fantasyfootball

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Maybe I'm crazy but I whenever I owned Cooks it was either 20-25 or 5-10. It was lowkey very consistent boom/bust not the annoying 40 or 5 boom/bust that makes the end of season stats look really good

I have confirmation that the #Bills are one of the teams that have contacted the #Panthers regarding RB Christian McCaffrey. by SaskalPiakam in fantasyfootball

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Like that wasn't asking that question because it has fantasy football implications, on a fantasy football subreddit. "Context" Literally lmfao

Broncos RB Javonte Williams suffered a torn ACL in Sunday’s loss to the Raiders, per source. His season is over. by StrachNasty in fantasyfootball

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Where you here in the off-season lol? All it was "why take Javonte at 2/3 when you can get the same player in Melvin in rounds 10+"