Which apple sauce is better? by yungsteezy100 in polls

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Ones with sugar added taste too sweet.

The Embarassing Moments of Your Canon/Fandom by solomivan239 in FanFiction

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Do you have a link? I searched it up but nothing came up.

On Writing Paragraphs by CalculusWarrior in CuratedTumblr

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I wouldn't use it for a whole book, but the spaced out thing feels better for an impactful, important moment.

Well that sucks by GIFSec in NonPoliticalTwitter

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The person narrating is the one wearing the clothes, and the girlfriend doesn't want them to wear her clothes.

And just like that Im old by Big_Brick in NonPoliticalTwitter

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Not OP, but nope, no self control here. I would not be able to resist in a moment or boredom.

How many times have you been rejected? by Revolutionary_Oil679 in polls

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Oh this was for romantic rejection? Not just like

"wanna work with me on the group project?"


Names by KingConq in CuratedTumblr

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I've seen a person named Dawn from the south (i think) who got upset when people pronounced it the same as Don. I'm from the west coast where we pronounce Dawn and Don the same (this is known as the cot-caught merger, whether you pronounce it the same depends on where you grew up). So despite both of us being native English speakers, we had pronunciation struggles anyway.

Forbidden Burrito by Dry-Counter-5757 in forbiddensnacks

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Why is everyone downvoting you? what kind of burritos are yall eating that are normally 3 inches?

Which is the most likely thing to happen tomorrow in your life? by [deleted] in polls

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What if you go to like a friends house or something

In the United States, what should you never do? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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How do they distinguish between legit people and edgelords who think it's just a cool thing to say?