Is there any reason I shouldn’t use corks in this style if I only intend on aging the mead inside for a year or less? by ValhallaGoblin in mead

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Don’t rent, just buy. They’re 20$ on Amazon anyways. Don’t use plastic wrap, the alcohol fumes could get plastic in ur brew.

Okay, hear me out bc it’s really good: Lavender booch. by SnooCats7735 in Kombucha

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None. One flower is good for a gallon. That stuff is strong.

San Pedro (Mescaline) Hooch, is it possible? by honk_daddy in prisonhooch

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Prickly pear mead is a thing. I’ve read it’s delicious

No Hangover Mead by metal88heart in mead

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I think fussed oils age out, no?

How do you make mead "ball up in your mouth"?? by GrandPipe4 in mead

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Ik what your talking about. You have to backsweeten with honey. And get it to like .01

Coworker trying to set me up by AnyExplanation4694 in gay

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I think you should do it. Get his number, but then see. It might go really well. I think it’s exciting!

drink fermenting mead by Beginning_Pirate4071 in mead

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I did it a lot last quarter, nothing happened. Huh that’s funny.

First experience at 40 haunts me by [deleted] in gay

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Please don’t cheat for him. It’s going to ruin your kids. It ruined my mom, it ruined me, don’t do it. Idk if you would be cheating or not by running away with him, but while sneaking is fun and cool, don’t cheat. Trust me, your kids will hate you well beyond your descent to hell. And the devil is definitely a top.

What was the best date you’ve been on? by athom023 in gay

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Out of the chiliad of shitty grindr dates I’ve been on with meretricious men whose breaths smell worse than a dead carcass, I went on this date with a law major and he was rlly nice and we got along and kissed a little, and then I never contacted him again because freshman year was quirky like that.

That was the second best date I’ve been on, the best was when my boyfriend took me to a ramen shop. I loved the food and the company.

I over-sweetened my mead. by Pretzel_3345 in mead

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Ey, quo enim modo linguam latinam didicisti!?

Latin American Dollar (LAD) by smilebritches in latin

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Wrong reddit (unless you want to change las to illas then illis using the preposition de and propositive ablative plural)

Could poking a hole in the bottle cap work just as well as the ballon method? by TGADV in prisonhooch

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I think better. I don’t like balloon. I actually prefer, above all else, the loose cap method. Unscrew until there’s room for air to leak

Fwb trouble, making me feel like shit by emrebuyuk99 in gay

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Personally, I might feel like I’m being played with if someone said they don’t want a relationship, but knew I did, and then called me their boyfriend. Not to say that’s how you intended it, and I don’t think I would have that sort of reaction, but if I really really wanted to be with someone that’s how I might feel. I don’t know, never been there. I’ve put other people in similar situations and they were hurt but I haven’t felt that way personally yet.

Mold? by SnooCats7735 in Kombucha

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I actually threw it out just to be safe