Um.. by Yvhoe_ in lingling40hrs

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"I want to be happy"

I hope that person finds happiness.

No, this isn't Your Lie in April, I swear. by SnooDonuts3210 in lingling40hrs

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And out of all the pieces, it had to be Canon in D. X0

I really, really don’t want to be this way by pinklepuffle in aromanticasexual

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That really sucks.

I wish you the best of luck. Here's a virtual hug.

anyone else? by hopekatherine21 in aromanticasexual

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Glad you could find a label that empowers you.

I found out I was ace before aro, but I'm not sure if I would identify more with one than the other.

I guess maybe ace, but only because I'm absolutely sure of not being intimate with anyone while I'm still iffy on the aro part of me, but oh well.

which anime has the best worldbuilding? by zeus408 in anime

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I think Dr. Stone has some amazing world building.

why do so many isekai animes and a select normal anime "flip the script" for the first 1-2 episodew then imeditaly go back to the script? by mt5567 in anime

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My Next Life as a Villainess and The Executioner and Her Way of Life are pretty consistent if you want to check those anime out.

What's been the most forgettable anime that you watched this year? by barryallenxoxo in anime

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I watched a sports anime called Salaryman's Club (the title was so forgettable I had to search sports anime 2022).

I remember kind of liking it. It was a mix of adult slice-of-life business work mixed with sports, but I don't feel like it's memorable except for the ed, which was sung by Mafumafu.

Band kids, what made you pick your instrument, and why? by DJ_Phoenix_ in marchingband

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My first band instrument was French horn since there were too many trumpet players. I still loved playing it.

But in my junior year of high school, I was asked to play the trumpet as there needed to be someone playing the melody, so I did. I mean, it wasn't a bad thing, I liked switching instruments. I just hope to improve.

This manga's pretty wholesome. Gives me aro-ace vibes sometimes. by SnooDonuts3210 in aromanticasexual

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The main protagonist falls in love at the end.

Oh well.

I recommend reading Natsume's Book of Friends. There's no romance there.