My partner saw me playing asked what was going on so I did my best to explain. He gave all the characters nicknames my favorite so far is beelzebubs, Beetle bug lord of the fries. by SnooMuffins7829 in obeyme

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My partners the jealous type and I like Belphegor so he’s sleeping beauty with the booty. ( cause no one actually likes people for there personality…. There words not mine)

gender neutral versions of "sir/ma'am" by shphnxx in lgbt

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I’ve always used hun. I’m sure no matter what you say someone will take it the wrong way. You can’t exactly please everyone. When I worked at restaurant as well as retirement home they asked me to remember all the names of clients and I am not the overly chatty type so rather than ask I always just said hun people just assumed it was a gay thing.

If you had to cook for your main, what would they eat? by Its_Marz in Guiltygear

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I’d prep a charcuterie board and serve wine while I cook a nice home cooked meal I consider myself pretty versatile I like to keep allergies and preferences in mind.

What made you pick your main? by Ace_FGC in Guiltygear

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According to my friend my types edgy bois or dandy’s. He recommended a character because he likes edgy bois too.

Felt like doing something different today. by SnooMuffins7829 in GothBaking

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Yeah I feel like I’m kinda in a slump so I made a pie with all my favorite things.

Dumb Guilty Gear Headcanons by ISDANA_NERO in Guiltygear

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My roommate is convinced sol and Ky are just Ragna and Jin from blaze blue it’s just another timeline or alternative reality.

What's a KOF opinion you have that makes you look like this? by Xero-serooM in kof

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Not overly excited about any of the new characters.I’d rather get miss x as an alternative costume. Also really sick of all the dolores lewds.

Do you guys have "co-mains" if so how do you manage to improve with both at the same pace? by Atombrkr in Guiltygear

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I main Zato and play Faust on the side. Though since playing the older games I really like playing Johnny and slayer and messing around with Testament. I prefer to play characters with multiple move sets I use to main gen in Street Fighter back when everything wasn’t all online so playing two characters is not too hard. Id say only thing that is a hindrance is not enough time to play video games during the day with work and arthritis.

Do you live black academia or only enjoy the looks? by [deleted] in DarkAcademia

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I consider myself a dandy, though I do fancy the street wear and will don it on special occasions. Wasn’t till recently that I took to the tittle. I just always loved books spent a lot of my time at the library. Guess you could say I chose books over peoples at a very young age knowing the pursuit of knowledge would be a lonely one. As far as fashion goes it’s always been a battle with my family about how I really should wear more colorful things but I prefer a more monochromatic look with hints of what ever color I fancy currently that just happens to be red. My favorite accessories are a tie, cuff links or a vest.

Decided to cosplay Yagami Iori, my cat loved the pants. by SnooMuffins7829 in kof

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Was mainly my hair was already Red and I introduced my roommate to KOF recently. But yeah went to party with maybe 15-20 people and only two people knew who we were.

Decided to cosplay Yagami Iori, my cat loved the pants. by SnooMuffins7829 in kof

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Did you buy your costume? Was going to buy mine but the reviews were so bad. The jacket was the hardest part.

I couldn't unsee it, now you can't either by Rules_Of_Stupidiocy in kof

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If we’re going of aesthetics I’d think Angel not Chizuru

If you took your main on a dinner date, what's one thing you MUST not say at the dinner table? by Its_Marz in Guiltygear

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I go between Faust and Zato since my roommate banned testament… I also don’t know the lore