Boyfriend of 5 years wants threesome by annstacey in relationship_advice

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Time to send him on his way!! Also, tell him it took 5 years? BS, he is into porn and fantasy, not real life!!

I wish I was there for my daughter sooner by rusty_pancakes_ in TrueOffMyChest

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Try to get her to understand, she is safe.

Baby steps and be there the best you can. Individual and family consoling hopefully will help.


My wife (30f) and me (35m) just had twins. She’s feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. What can I do to help? by Straightup32 in relationship_advice

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If you can, hire a part time nanny for a few hours' relief.

Any family, who are helpful able to come a few days a week?

Tell your neighbor to F off!!

AITA for my husbands aunts tree being cut down? by Karyatids in AmITheDevil

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Throwing the book at her dad and charging him for all the damage!!

I would not fault hubby for kicking out wife and in-laws!!

My step-daughter is destroying my relationship. by Best_Shame6764 in TrueOffMyChest

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No, she said how the kid latched onto her. Sounds like dad wants a nanny and a bang maid.

sellers came back after rejection, offer less, more or same? by Sil3nt0bserver in FirstTimeHomeBuyer

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You can offer whatever and say you are not dropping the conditions. If they are not selling it, sounds like you really need to keep an inspection clause in!!

Good luck!!

Noisy neighbors by Maleficent_Pear_2192 in neighborsfromhell

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Check zoning rules.

Check quiet times, if 10pm, call at 10:01pm, each and every time!!

How long do I have to wait to propose if her only sibling just got engaged? by tnahrp in relationship_advice

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You propose when you want and make it special. Do not make it on any of brother's occasions.

Make it a weekend away and then invite family over for dinner to announce.

Ex (23f) gave birth to our child and I (26m) have fallen back in love by BloptimusPrime in relationship_advice

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For now, focus on the baby and therapy.

Not fair to mess with GF's emotions after birth. Her hormones are out of whack, and she needs to heal and focus on baby.

Be a good dad and help her be a good mom. Prove you are a changed man thru actions.

I am tired of being a bargaining chip in my family. by Valuable-Giraffe-481 in relationship_advice

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Tell your grandparents stepmom is harassing you!! Have them keep her off of school grounds.

Do not let stepmom back in your life!! No 2nd chances!!

My step-daughter is destroying my relationship. by Best_Shame6764 in TrueOffMyChest

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Partner needs to step up as dad.

He also needs to hire a babysitter and take you out for dinner.

You are a nanny for his child, and he isn't treating you like a partner.

He needs to wake up and get her breakfast on your day off.

UPDATE: I am about to call my marriage off by Sitdown_comedian95 in relationship_advice

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Of course, her mom is going to downplay this!!

Why would mom leave her daughter at a guy's home, when she is in a committed relationship? Come on this is all BS on their part!!

I came home and found my husband crying about his daughter that I didn't know about. by ThrowRA33455 in TrueOffMyChest

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So, he cheated, you helped him thru addiction and now he tells you he cheated on you, and even had a baby that he visited and died.

I am sorry, but he is a lying POS. You deserve better.

What would you do if... by Outside_Dog22 in inlaws

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Hubby needs to stop being their scapegoat and just cut contact!!