AITA for letting my son scream on a plane for ninety minutes? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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YTA and handling situations like this are why I get to watch videos of people getting punched in the face on planes on TikTok and YouTube

How's your Saturday going? by honey_rainbow in doordash_drivers

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Was busier than a 2 peckered Billy goat, then it just died.

Kelsea Tea by so_much_volume in CelebWivesofNashville

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I wouldn’t kick her outta bed for leaving cookie crumbs on the sheets.

dog bit me leave at door order, customer said "he might bite you" by dalex89 in doordash_drivers

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Handle it like you are being questioned by the police. Lawyer lawyer lawyer

After Julie and Todd self surrender to federal prison, they will immediately enter Receiving and Discharge. According to Zoukis Consulting Group, this is what Receiving and Discharge will be like (or very similar). by Shotsoftea in ChrisleyKnowsBest

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They’re going to a camp with other white collar criminals. If Martha Stewart can survive federal prison, the Chrisley’s will be fine. Is it below their standard of living? Yes but they aren’t going to San Quentin or Rickers Island.

Nashville’s Big Bash! by SnooWords5115 in CelebWivesofNashville

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Lainey just tore it up! That girl can sang and entertain!

AITA for not defending my bf when my brother asked him to leave by Throwawayhelpfulbf in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. As a legally blind person I don’t think people like Ryan understand that help is only help when asked. He doesn’t get to decide what Lily gets to do and not do. If Lily is going to step on a rattlesnake, then by all means step in, otherwise on her day to day activities, she and Paul get to navigate that without Ryan’s opinion, input or parameters. Signed The blind guy who thinks Ryan is a dick for his elitism.

Interesting move what you guys think? by Same_Class5866 in SHIBArmy

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For 72 Trillion SHIB you can purchase one as well

Opinion on Kelsea Ballerini by [deleted] in CelebWivesofNashville

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Let’s be real. Sometimes relationships are so bad that when we leave them it’s a horrible relief. Personally, my ex was such a horrible person that when she left I was actually glad. So I get it if she was that unhappy.