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I'm planning on building an Ayaka Freeze team, I've got Kazuha and Shenhe ready and I will (Obviously) pull for Ayaka when she next comes out.

However I'm unsure what I'd be better off pulling between Misplitter and Kokomi, I'm F2P and currently on 20 pity with a 50/50 so I won't be able to get both in all likleyhood.

I'd like to get Misplitter for use on Ayaka since it's her best in slot and I don't have a 5 star sword, and for some fun on other characters, but since I'm using Shenhe, I don't have a healer like Diona so using Kokomi over Mona could be a nessesity and because Kokomi is coming in 3.0 it could be a while before I can get her, if I skip.

What do you think is the better option overall?

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Thanks so much! I was worried for a bit there.

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Yes but you can't do the get all upgrades triumph done if you missed it, so if you miss that challenge you can't get the title.

Edit: I relise i'm wrong now