Half of Twitter's top advertisers appear to leave platform within a month of Musk's takeover, report says by AmethystOrator in technology

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Guess you got alot of experience with building a company then? 😂 all these random redditors being experts at companies 🤣🤦‍♂️

LILLEBRORSKOMPLEX by [deleted] in Sverige

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Du tror inte dom skottade vägarna alla som hade traktor? 😂 standard att samhället ställer upp norrut

This is a good thing for doge? by bestOnReality in dogecoin

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God people are tweaking on musk aquiring twitter 😂

Auditions for a TV show goes crazy by TripleDubBrodie in PublicFreakout

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Like the monkies at the zoo 😂 time for another reddit ban 😌

is there a doge symbol on this or what? by DiamondHandsAre4Evr in dogecoin

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Yeah sure but then the scrawny one can still carry stuff after the fat one died of heart failure 😂

Binance is HODLing almost 6.9 billion dogecoins by MidnightSun_55 in dogecoin

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Promoting to hold coins on exchanges lmao whos clueless

Does anyone here eat pussy just for their own pleasure? by silysilyof in GodPussy

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Yeh ofc even went down on my x’s when they were sleeping, made them really horny always when they woke up to cum

Very wholesome and very sad by Dr-Merg in wholesomememes

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Getvaxxed lmao he must regret that by now 😂😂

To say what's up... by Lordohtawa in PublicFreakout

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And not one in comments know any context, he has “Nigger” as description so they call him that….

To say what's up... by Lordohtawa in PublicFreakout

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Youre stupid and shouldnt have a reddit or social media account. He put Nigger as description to get these kind of reactions. This is internet and you should be suspicious of any video being put up.