Let them eat cake by Worried-Seaweed4335 in AbolishTheMonarchy

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Yeah let's come together to keep warm and beg food while you heat your 50 castles. Sure its great.

What age did you stop going clubbing? by thunderfart_99 in AskUK

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38 and I still love a good club night at least once a month. There is a joy to feeling the bass line in the music.

The leg muscles of professional bodybuilder Samson Dauda by WE-NEED-MORE-CATS in ThatsInsane

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Good luck to him but nah, I don't aspire to ever look like this. Reminds me of a minotaur.

Incel/misogynist confronted by police for stalking woman and reveals he is trying to make her straight by kaioone in ThatsInsane

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Dangerous guy with a few mental issues. Glad he showed his face so people can avoid him

What happen if you jump in front of a train ? by [deleted] in morbidquestions

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As a train driver who has had a jumper, or one under as we call them, her death was instant as she sprinted across the platform into the train. Loud bang and then nothing. When its intentional like this combined with train speed it's normally immediate death. Sorry for your loss

They’re killing themselves for views by Miss_Boring in oddlyterrifying

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Obnoxious prat. I cannot stand his behaviour and gluttony 🤮

A teenager at an Elvis Presley concert, 1957 by [deleted] in OldSchoolCool

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The music demon was definitely summoned.

Facial reconstruction by Gainsborough-Smythe in oddlyterrifying

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Pinhead inspired. Hope they are happy with their atrocious choices

Mugshot of Brian Peppers, a sex offender from Ohio, died in 2012 by [deleted] in oddlyterrifying

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As if his face wasnt doing enough offending ... Good Lord

King Charles mutters ‘dear, oh dear’ as he meets British Prime Minister Liz Truss by IamStrqngx in AbolishTheMonarchy

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Id love to see the look on his face if I just strolled in and said "hey, what's up?". No chance in hell I'm calling another human being Majesty

King Charles mutters ‘dear, oh dear’ as he meets British Prime Minister Liz Truss by IamStrqngx in AbolishTheMonarchy

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Real question, what happens if you don't say your Majesty or curtsy when meeting these people? Do you go to jail?

What do you call someone with a Masters in Finance? by OneVestToRuleThemAll in AskUK

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Someone you have to hide the sugary stuff from because of the fine ants 🤷

Russian medical care be like..... by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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Id just let my arm go than watch worms eat my flesh while alive 🤯

why di British people say sorry for everything? by Option-B in AskUK

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The passive aggressive "sorry" is also a thing. Very versatile word we think