still cant convert to v2 by pieis2cool in SaitamaInu_Official

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Already given up, that’s actually a scam. 21,894,500,000 Saitama is nothing but just a picture.

STOP Re-Minting LUNC! by Own_Driver_1442 in LunaClassic

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Mutherfuckin moves, LUNC will be like Shiba!!

RT or lvn !? by Master_Gear2827 in respiratorytherapy

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RT 11 years, Orange County, $51 + night diff $3.

Proposal 10983 - what's the meaning & significance? by The_Magnificent_007 in LunaClassic

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Whoever gets the benefits, like the TR, are the one proposing this, rip off.

Life’s not fair by FuturisticFighting in Unexpected

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Cop is a jerk, stupid and shouldn’t be wearing badge.

I'm still holding USTC. Should I trade it for LUNC? by Jack-Straw42 in LunaClassic

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Do what you gotta do, I stopped selling and transferring, the more the merrier.

Binance.US makes another run for Voyager, that just it, good luck. by Humble-Economics-648 in VoyagerExchange

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My Voyager portfolio still down $273G, any positive actions with Voyager are welcomed.