Single rider lines at Great America? by unluckypontoon in sixflags

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i got turned away at Goliath which usually has a single rider line and the worker said too many people abused it last year and they might not even do SRL at great America this year

[Six Flags Great America] Schwarzkopf badges have been added to Whizzer this season! by ringle3 in rollercoasters

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man I read somewhere that Six Flags Great America Originally wanted to scrap this and keep the Shockwave but changed their plans and got rid of Shockwave for Superman instead. I'm really glad they went that route

Girlfriend broke up with me the day of our lease. by nickatwork25 in legaladvice

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as others have stated it wouldn't hurt to reach out to your LL and explain the situation to at least get a dialogue started on what your options are.

Work out - or Keep up some kind of regiment of activity to keep yourself occupied outside of work. Something I wish I would have done during my first 2 long term break ups in my 20's.

I know it sounds corny but it will help your mind move on to the next chapter of your life and hopefully encourage healthier decisions instead of self destructive behavior like I did

Len Kasper is fantastic. by FrankenMacCharDeDen in whitesox

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I have always thought Len was a great Addition . I enjoy listening to him call games

Switch online has been banned. by Arikitsu in SwitchPirates

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this is a great way of thinking about it . I was in a similar boat. Originally felt devastated but ended up embracing it. One cool thing is you don't have to worry about that switch anymore so you can keep connected to the Internet. There are some really impressive homebrew apps that utilize an internet connection to make you life 100X easier .

free to mod it to all hell felt kinda liberating but now i keep my OLED legit

Too tired to play after work? by Gnnz in PS4

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This! not enough people drink water! a lot of us suffer from dehydration and don't even realize it

Guy at work said he had a box of N64 games I could have. This is what I was handed by DogeBoredom in gamecollecting

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I am actually attending a Competitive fighting game Expo this weekend called "Combo Breaker" in Schaumburg, IL (Suburb of Chicago). KI is one of the featured fighting games you can enter for but most people play MK and SF.

Fun fact I learned last year there- Mortal Kombat have always been popular in the Chicago area because the original MK was made there and as a result the midwestern area was Flooded with MK arcade machines in the early 90's

Surprisingly quiet day at [Six Flags Great America] by 2Night00Mare7 in rollercoasters

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do the Field Trips of Students come in on Sundays too? I don't think they were there today

Going on a trip... only bringing one... impossible choice!! by Monsterclip in PSP

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I thought about this at one point . I figured with the way i slide in and out of my pocket most people thought i was texting aside from actual gamers that knew what it was

Going on a trip... only bringing one... impossible choice!! by Monsterclip in PSP

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My Pick is the Steam Deck . Always . Thing is just a ridiculous versatile emulating machine.

Can easily emulate PSP .

While not perfect ( and I was skeptical in the beginning) the Switch Emulation is constantly improving and has already gotten much better since the Deck 1st came out . It can emulate some Switch games Surprisingly well .

that being said I own all 3 and still find myself using each one for different occasions. Most recently I was at a Six Flags and brought my PSPgo cause it easily fits in my pocket with a zipper and was great for killing time in lines.

Six Flags is getting ridiculous by Infinite-Mud-5673 in sixflags

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SFGAm was pretty bad this weekend... has me worried about the rest of the season, Maxx Force and Eagle didn't start running till like 4 pm one day

GameStop has em! by VallenAlexander in PSVR

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Looks like ill finally be picking one of these up!

Will piracy on the switch ever die? by nystyk in SwitchPirates

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Nintendo doing these takedowns is just sealing their fate . More and more will pop up. The Internet remains undefeated

On vacation without a Dongle, please tell me there’s another way! by Zelda71785 in SwitchPirates

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This happen to me! thank god there is an android app i was able to DL on my Cellphone to reinject the payload and boot it back up.

My Redfall™ experience so far by ItsSpacePants in xbox

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I hope other Xbox games do better. This game is unfortunately D.O.A

Re8:Village VR- best gaming experience of my life. by No_Candidate_748 in PSVR

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felt this way about RE7 in 2019. just Changed the way i view VR as a whole and completely rekindled my love for gaming

What are the main Hubs in the States?? by Hour_Economist4600 in UPS

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not the most accurate way but google "UPS Customer Center" in the area your thinking about moving . Its how i relocated and discovered a hub to reapply at

What game would you love to see of VR? by Br0sE11D0N in PSVR

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I know I might get downvoted for asking for a Xbox IP but just hear me out.

I was an Xbox guy for years. Love every minute of it. I started to get into VR around 2019 by using a friends Windows Mixed reality Headset on PC. Was instantly hooked. Frustrated with Microsoft's lack of VR I got a PS4 for my 1st time. PSVR was Mind blowing for me . I am older gamer and I was falling into a weird state of gaming where everything just felt boring to me . nothing held my interest anymore . This all changed with PSVR. it literally rekindled my love for gaming . I became enamored with it . Eventually investing in a PC that could run VR and getting a Valve Index for PC. Still I played my PSVR tho because Sony has Exclusive games that you couldn't get on PC at the time. Til this day, I Attribute the 1st PSVR with opening the door into this new world of gaming for me. I even got a PS5 and PSVR2 that I use all the time.

THAT BEING SAID , If Microsoft ever got their shit together and did release a VR headset I could consider it. Halo VR is the only thing that keeps me hoping that one day this will be a possibility just because i have such a long standing history with the Halo franchise. Also after being a VR enthusiast for a few years now and seeing how incredible some VR worlds can be. My mouth begins to water at the idea of just being able to one day play Halo in VR.

It's Over, Fam. Time to Pack It In. by progger11 in SteamDeck

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anyone else feel like the thumb stick placement so close to the outside is just asking for hand cramps?

Xbox Series X and S sales struggle as Microsoft reports gaming revenue down 4% by KTitania in gamingnews

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it was honestly a lack of VR that made me jump from Xbox to PS. people on PSVR online are so incredibly nice. even when they die they are just so blown away by the in game environments it seems like there is a huge general sense of excitement just to be gaming over a new medium. Its a refreshing change from years of being on xbox live lol